DIS Dads Podcast Episode 5 – Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Host: Aaron Rittmaster (AJRitz)
Panelists: prattpak (Mark Pratt); billybobblockhead (Greg Hughes); garryhman(Garry Hashman); jason4024 (Jason Gilbert)

Episode 5 is primarily devoted to discussion of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The panel rates their Top 5 DAK attractions, shares tips for touring DAK, and discusses dining options in DAK.

In addition to the Animal Kingdom talk, Jason Gilbert took the hot seat and answered 10 Questions in our getting to know a DIS dad segment. Also, Garry Hashman shared a preview of his upcoming trip to Walt Disney World.

As always, special thanks to our Producer/Engineer Josh Haas, who also created and recorded our intro music. The DIS Dads Podcast is edited and mixed at Pi Productions by A Veil Lifted.

Friday Five – Random References & Reflections

1. Hey Muppet fans! My brother and sister-in-law wrote, directed, and starred in a Sesame Street parody video for The Second City Network. Check out Dead Bird Walking

2. Wish a fond farewell to The British Invasion, the Beatles tribute band that’s been performing at the UK Pavilion at Epcot for the last 14 years. Their last performance in Epcot is tomorrow, but their Facebook page and website indicate that they intend to keep on playing. No news yet on what, if anything, will replace their show in Epcot.

3. Thanks to this week’s participating Dis Dads – stopher1 and the duck 619

4. Help @DisFilmProject pick the Disney movie that should be the subject of a future Disney Film Project Podcast episode. There are so many to choose from, and they’re willing to review anything, from the wonderful to the wonderfully awful.

5. I think my wife may finally be catching my Disney fever. Comments made in the car last night have me exploring a possible Fall/Winter trip – just need to book some more Disney vacations for others to build up the vacation fund!

Coming soon: Mother’s Day

Mothers Day is coming up in a few weeks and I just wanted to reflect on the women in our lives who tolerate us and make sure we don’t warp the kids too much. I think we all agreed we married up, like major league up. How lucky we are that we have found women who share our love, obsession and pure giddiness for all things Disney. Well, at least they tolerate it if they don’t understand it.

Where would be at without these women? I think our love for Disney would be different because we would not have a child’s eye to see it through and part of being a DisDad is sharing that joy. We need to remember not only to say “I Love You” but also “Thank You” for being patient and tolerant of us. I always joke that because my wife has to deal with me she will get to go to the front of the line in heaven while I essentially become like the WalMart greeter (you know never allowed all the way in). I am guessing I am not the only one who thinks this way.

Dads lets put some extra ummph in our effort for Mothers day this year. Let us show sincerity, imagination and of course a little Disney Magic to the women who help make us the DisDads we are!

Monday Poll – IF World Showcase gets a Brazil Pavilion, what are you most looking forward to?

Brazil Vinylmation from the Flags series

Rumors have been rampant for the last week that Disney will soon announce that Brazil will become the 11th country in Epcot’s World Showcase. While such rumors have cropped up fairly regularly for several years now, the latest round was initially triggered by a Brazilian news report. The website Inside the Magic, with an assist from a Portugese-speaking contributor, reported that high-ranking Brazilian government officials had met with Disney and that an announcement of a Brazil pavilion in World Showcase was imminent. An intrepid reader of Inside the Magic also noted that the Disney Vinylmation Flag Series includes 11 figures. 10 of the figures are from the current World Showcase Pavilion countries. The 11th figure: Brazil.

It’s still just rumor and speculation until there’s an announcement, but this seems to be the most solid rumor in some time. World Showcase last added a new pavilion in 1988, and Brazilian tourism to Walt Disney World has continued to increase at a rapid pace, even during the recent economic downturn. So IF a Brazil Pavilion does come to World Showcase, what would you be most excited to see/experience? Answer the poll at the right and tell us in the comments.

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