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Help us pick a winner – whose Dream Theme Park was the best?

Cast your vote and comment here – each person who leaves a substantive comment will be entered in a drawing to win a Disney movie prize package from the DISDads prize vault!*

Whose DISDads Dream Theme Park is your favorite?

  • The Quintessentials (54%, 36 Votes)
  • Rowdy Rohde's Raucous Rogues (31%, 21 Votes)
  • Team Bacon (15%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 67

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ElementRowdy Rohde's Raucous RoguesThe QuintessentialsTeam Bacon
Dark RideIndiana Jones (DL)Splash Mountain (MK)Tower of Terror (DHS)
Dark RidePirates of the Caribbean (DL)7 Dwarfs Mine Train (MK)Star Tours (DHS)
Thrill RideExpedition Everest (DAK)Radiator Springs Racers (DCA)Space Mountain (MK)
Thrill RideGrizzly River Run (DCA)Crush's Coaster (DLP)Mission: Space (EP)
Children's RideKilimanjaro Safari (DAK)Toy Story Mania (DHS)Astro-Orbiter (MK)
Children's RideJungle Cruise (DL)Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin (MK)Haunted Mansion (MK)
ShowEnchanted Tiki Room (DL)Festival of the Lion King (DAK)Jedi Training Academy (DHS)
ShowShark Reef Experience (TL)Mickey's Philharmagic (MK)Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular (DHS)
Table Service RestaurantBlue Lagoon (DLP)Cinderella's Royal Table (MK)Sci-Fi Dine In Theater (DHS)
Quick Service RestaurantCaptain Cook's (WDW)Flo's V-8 Café (DCA)Sommerfest (EP)
Snack StandAloha Isle (MK)Gaston's Tavern (MK)Dippin' Dots (Everywhere)
Nighttime SpectacularWorld of Color (DCA)Fantasmic! (DL)Sorcery in the Sky - Star Wars version (DHS)
Park IconMount Mayday (TL)Sleeping Beauty Castle (DLP)Spaceship Earth (EP)
WildcardAdventure Isle (DLP)Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (MK)Star Wars Weekends (DHS)
WildcardAulani Resort HotelToon Town - look and feel (DL)Monorail (WDW)
Deluxe HotelPolynesian Village (WDW)Disneyland Hotel (DLP)Contemporary Resort (WDW)
Moderate HotelCaribbean Beach Resort (WDW)Paradise Pier Hotel (DL)Coronado Springs Resort (WDW)
Value HotelFt. Wilderness Campgrounds (WDW)Art of Animation (WDW)Pop Century (WDW)

*(One entry per household, duplicate entries will be disregarded. Giveaway open to residents of the continental United States only. If the winner fails to respond to Email notification of winning within 48 hours, the prize will be awarded to an alternative recipient).

Dream Theme Park, Part 2 – Episode 280

DISDadsCircle1400x1400Host: Aaron Rittmaster
Rowdy Rohde’s Raucous Rogues: Kevin Crossman, Terry Hawkins, Brad Coates
The Quintessentials: Ryan Treichler, Coy Cypert, Jason Mitts
Team Bacon: David Juart, John Griffis, James Cameron

The conclusion of the DISDads Dream Theme Park draft took place live on Sunday, March 29, 2015! The panelists, divided into three teams, finished their draft, and then pitched their park to the listening audience. Barry Percival of Disney Podcast Survivor shared his opinion of the Dream Theme Parks, and a poll will be posted on Monday, so that you have the opportunity to offer your own rating and critique.

What do you think of the dream theme parks the teams drafted? What would you have done differently? Tell us about it! Email us at; tweet us at DisDadsPodcast on Twitter; join in the online discussion of the podcasts on our DISDads Discussion Boards; and check out our DISDads Podcast Facebook page.

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DISDads Dream Theme Park – Part 2 LIVE!

DISDadsCircle1400x1400Join us LIVE this Sunday, March 29 at 8:00 p.m. CDT on DISDads Radio as Rowdy Rohde’s Raucous Rogues; The Quintessentials; and Team Bacon finish drafting their DISDads Dream Theme Park. The teams will then “pitch” their parks, and listeners will get the opportunity to vote for their favorite.

We’ll be joined by special guest Barry Percival, @DisneyPodsr on Twitter, of Disney Podcast Survivor. Barry will get first crack at critiquing the Dream Theme Parks, and then we’ll open the Skype-lines for your comments.

Here’s a downloadable spreadsheet with the current status of the draft, if you want to play along at home.

Prepping for the DISDads Virtual 5K

1395982_10205083225456676_5861515420464034051_nby Ryan Treichler

On the Podcast a few weeks ago, we announced the DISDads Virtual 5K. A 5k is a 3.1 mile run/jog/walk. There will be a calendar window within which to complete a 3.1 mile run or walk (between Father’s Day and Labor Day), but you don’t need to run it at any particular pace. There are no sweepers on a virtual 5K race course. There will be an entry fee for the DISDads 5K, but completing a 5K run during the race window will earn you a special DISDads Virtual 5K medal (design in progress) and all proceeds will go to benefit a charity (voting on which charity we’ll be supporting with this race began yesterday).

If you are in the, “I only run when I’m being chased by vicious animals” camp the idea of running a 5k may seem impossible. But that’s why a 5K is so great. First, you don’t have to run. And second, while some training will be needed, you should be able to complete most of the necessary training in about 30 minutes, three times per week. While the physical effort is one that most everyone should be able to handle, you should always check with your doctor before you begin any new exercise regimen.

While a 5K is the shortest of the “distance” runs, it’s still a distance sane people usually cover by car. So if you’re preparing for your first 5K, you shouldn’t jump immediately to trying to run 3.1 miles. That’s a good way to get yourself injured and discouraged. Instead, you want to build up to 3.1 miles using a well-developed training plan.

I’ve put together a simple plan at the end of this post for your convenience. But there are also a lot of free couch-to-5K apps for both IOS and Android devices. You can also use the Runkeeper app (it has 5K plans in it too). In addition to a plan, Runkeeper adds a social component. A lot of DISDads are already using Runkeeper, so you can get encouragement from your fellow dads with every run. The common thread across all of the various training plans is build gradually, slowly and steadily adding distance to help avoid injury. (Not only do injuries hurt, but they can cause long delays in your training progress while you wait for them to heal). Read more

DISDads Podcast 4th Birthday – Episode 272

WishesHBDHost: Aaron Rittmaster
Panel: Eric Anderson, Mark Pratt, Nathan Trent, Chris Carroll, John Thomas, (Carl Finsel)

Today on the DISDads Podcast, we celebrate our 4th birthday. And to celebrate, we gathered together (most of) the panel from that first show four years ago. And we recorded a new version of pretty much the same show we recorded then. So we have an updated take on our favorite Walt Disney World restaurants, some further discussion of the MANLAW about making it to rope drop, and even an old-fashioned trip preview segment. And sandwiched in the middle there somewhere, we share some of our favorite DISDads Podcast and DISDads community moments.

Thank you all for coming along for the ride with us. Here’s to four more great years ahead!

What are some of your favorite DISDads Podcast and DISDads community memories. Share them with us! Email us at; tweet us at DisDadsPodcast on Twitter; join in the online discussion of the podcasts on our DISDads Discussion Boards; and check out our DISDads Podcast Facebook page.

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Disney Swaps Jungle Book/The Finest Hours Release Dates

FinestHoursIt’s that time of year – inevitably within a month or so of our annual movie preview episodes, studios start shuffling around release dates for the coming year. This Fall’s shuffle appears to be relatively minor, but reflects a rather interesting strategy by Disney.

It looks like the dominoes started to fall back in December, when Warner Bros. decided to move Andy Serkis’ directorial debut, Jungle Book: Origins from an October 2016 release to October 2017. At the time, The Hollywood Reporter suggested that Warner Bros. was buying the film some breathing room from the October 2015 release of Disney’s Jon Favreau-helmed Jungle Book film.

Today, Disney decided to suck up some of that oxygen, and chased after Warner Bros. entry by rescheduling the Favreau version of Jungle Book for an April 15, 2016 release. But the 2015 Disney movie slate will remain packed, with the same total of 11 films over 12 months. The Chris Pine/Casey Affleck/Eric Bana disaster-at-sea film The Finest Hours has been moved into the October 9, 2015 release window previously occupied by Jungle Book. The Hollywood Reporter story mentioned above cites a Disney insider suggesting that Disney felt that the more serious disaster film was better-suited to the Fall release period. I don’t know that anyone is really buying that rationale though, given that Disney used this release window in recent years for: Secretariat (2010); Frankenweenie (2012); and Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (2014).

it does seem unusual that an epic, effects-heavy, live-action 3-D film would have its release date moved up by six months. Looking at the swapped release dates, the thing that jumps out at me is that perhaps Disney is trying to buy some breathing room for The Finest Hours. Early Fall 2015 is just about the only bare spot in a busy film release year for Disney, with nothing else on the calendar between the July 17 release of Ant-Man and The Good Dinosaur‘s Thanksgiving release. Meanwhile, pushing Jungle Book to April 15, 2016 gives Disney a bit of counter-programming to Columbia Pictures’ Goosebumps film.

What do you think of this release date swap? Are you interested in seeing a dramatic rescue-at-sea film from Disney this Fall? Are you disappointed that Disney’s latest version of Jungle Book is being pushed back? Why do you think they swapped dates? Tell us about it in the comments.

Hat tip to Kevin Crossman for the heads up on the date swap!