Camera battery running down at WDW?

I’ve been listening to a bunch of Disney World podcasts lately, and picked up an interesting tip from one of them yesterday – though I can’t remember whether it was Betamouse or Be Our Guest podcast from which I got it. Either way, the tip is that if you’re in the parks and find that your camera battery is running low, head to the park’s camera center. If you ask at the counter, they have chargers for most common digital camera batteries and will charge you up for free.

Edited to add: I finally figured out where I got this tip. It wasn’t from a podcast after all. It was posted in the forums over at the (subscription required) Tour Guide Mike site.

Good Digital Video Camera Deal

Sony Xacti
Compact HD video camera on sale at today

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the website. It’s a essentially a web-based liquidator. Their “gimmick” is that most of the time, they post one deal for the day. When the product they’re offering is sold out, they’re done selling for the day. I’ve ordered from them before, and always had good experiences.

Today, they have what looks to be a pretty good deal if anyone is in the market for a small digital video camera. They’re selling a Sony Xacti that records 720p HD content with H.264 compression onto SD or SDHC cards.

They’re selling it for $139.99 + $5 shipping, which is about $20 cheaper than other online retailers. It will continue to be available until Midnight Central Time today or until they sell out, whichever comes first.

Why is your favorite park your favorite park?

According to this week’s poll, the Magic Kingdom is the favorite WDW park of DISDads by a 2-1 margin (though Epcot did lead early). And EVERYONE’S favorite was either Magic Kingdom or Epcot. That begs the question – why is your favorite WDW park your favorite? What makes it stand out? Use the comments and share your thoughts.

Disney Picture Gallery Added

I’ve added a page where people can post their Disney pictures. At this point, I haven’t divided it out into current and historical pictures, so feel free to post either to the gallery. The link to the Disney Pics gallery is at the top of the page. Photo uploads require moderation (I don’t want any spammer surprises showing up), so newly added photos may not appear immediately.