Good Digital Video Camera Deal

Sony Xacti
Compact HD video camera on sale at today

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the website. It’s a essentially a web-based liquidator. Their “gimmick” is that most of the time, they post one deal for the day. When the product they’re offering is sold out, they’re done selling for the day. I’ve ordered from them before, and always had good experiences.

Today, they have what looks to be a pretty good deal if anyone is in the market for a small digital video camera. They’re selling a Sony Xacti that records 720p HD content with H.264 compression onto SD or SDHC cards.

They’re selling it for $139.99 + $5 shipping, which is about $20 cheaper than other online retailers. It will continue to be available until Midnight Central Time today or until they sell out, whichever comes first.

Why is your favorite park your favorite park?

According to this week’s poll, the Magic Kingdom is the favorite WDW park of DISDads by a 2-1 margin (though Epcot did lead early). And EVERYONE’S favorite was either Magic Kingdom or Epcot. That begs the question – why is your favorite WDW park your favorite? What makes it stand out? Use the comments and share your thoughts.

Disney Picture Gallery Added

I’ve added a page where people can post their Disney pictures. At this point, I haven’t divided it out into current and historical pictures, so feel free to post either to the gallery. The link to the Disney Pics gallery is at the top of the page. Photo uploads require moderation (I don’t want any spammer surprises showing up), so newly added photos may not appear immediately.

Mobile Theme Added

For those of you accessing this site via mobile device (iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, Palm, etc.), I’ve installed a Mobile Theme. It’s a little raw – you lose some of the sidebar content – but most of it is there and the posts are much easier to navigate on a mobile device in this theme. It automatically detects if you are accessing this site with a mobile device and gives you the mobile theme, but there’s a control at the bottom of the mobile theme that you can toggle to turn it off and view the site as it would appear on a computer if you prefer. Hope this is helpful to some. Enjoy!

Rogues Gallery ready for uploads

Hey guys.  I found a new gallery plugin that looks like it will work great with our site. If you click on the “Rogues Gallery” link along the top of the page, you’ll see a pic I uploaded of myself and my daughter. You should now be able to use the “Add Photo” link on that page to upload your own User Pic. I encourage you all to upload a pic of yourself, with your user ID. It gives us all a chance to associate names and faces.

The photo you upload will not be immediately visible – I’ve set it to “moderated” to protect us from any roving spammers. But I’ll get to approving photos as soon as I can. If this goes well, I’ll add another Gallery for uploading Disney pics as well.