Zerf’s WDW Restroom Contest

Our own Dave Zerfass, a/k/a dvczerfs, has spent more than a year of his life in Walt Disney World on vacations, so he’s developed a unique perspective on what constitutes an “attraction.” And DISDads.com has decided to partner with Dave to sponsor “Zerf’s WDW Restroom Contest.” I’ll let Dave explain, in his own words, from over on the DISDads message boards (text translated for those not conversant in Zerfonics):
“Let me explain. Back some 20-odd years ago, my wife and I would come home from yet another trip to WDW. We would show all our friends and family the photos we had taken. Then, one year, after sitting in front of yet another restroom waiting for my wife to come out, I took a photo of the restroom. When the film got developed (yes, I’m old. I said “film”) there were a few pictures of restrooms. People asked why. I said that I figured I would take pictures of where I spent my vacation, waiting for someone to come out of the restrooms!!!!”

“Over the years, my family and I have had pictures taken in front of every restroom on property! Last October, I was texting with another dad and I sent him a photo and asked, where am i? I have to admit, he was good!!!! So, this trip I decided to run a contest.”

I thought this was a great idea, and offered to combine resources to open the contest up to a wider audience. So here’s the scoop:

Check out this week’s Disney Film Project Podcast!

I had the privilege of being asked to join in with the crew over at the Disney Film Project Podcast, for their episode about Disney’s 48th animated feature film, Bolt. It was a nice nudge to re-watch a really good, but often overlooked, Disney film. This has become probably my favorite non-park/travel-focused Disney podcast, and I encourage you to give it a listen, even if not to hear my guest appearance.

Thanks again to Todd Perlmutter, Cheryl Perlmutter and Ryan Kilpatrick for the opportunity; and also to Brianna Alessio for letting me help to keep her seat at the DFPP table warm for her.

Have you seen Bolt? What did you think of it? Any thoughts about my comments about Bolt on the podcast?

Happy Birthday DragynAlly and Happy #AvengersMonth

I’ve mentioned my friend Dana around here before. She and a group of her friends have gotten together to offer a really generous Avengers-themed giveaway in honor of Dana’s birthday. In addition to being a fun Disney dinner companion, her blog over at http://dragynally.com/ is a great read (and I’m not just saying that because she interviewed me for her site once).

So thank you to:
The Dragyn’s Lair
DIS Therapy
Focused on the Magic
Diz Thru Brown Eyes
Picturing Disney
Living with the Magic
Mouse Crafts
Disney On Wheels
Mouse Fan Diane
Disney Donna Kay
Pursuing the Magic
Jackie’s Magical Moments
For sponsoring this giveaway and

Happy birthday DragynAlly!!

Monday Poll: Grade the Avengers

The Avengers smashed opening weekend box office records like the Hulk smashing alien invaders. It took in over $200 million just in the U.S. on opening weekend, and has already made another $441.5 million internationally (where it opened a week earlier). That means that The Avengers has already taken in more, in its first week and a half on the market, than any of its precursor superhero films took in during their entire theater runs. So it’s made a lot of cash, but is it worth it? Grade the Avengers, and tell us why you gave it that grade in the comments. Me? I’m already trying to figure out when I can go to see it again!

Grade the Avengers

  • A (56%, 15 Votes)
  • Incomplete - Haven't seen it yet, but plan to. (37%, 10 Votes)
  • B (7%, 2 Votes)
  • C (0%, 0 Votes)
  • D (0%, 0 Votes)
  • F (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 27

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