My Disneyland Full BracketIt’s the first day of Summer – the perfect day to officially get this year’s DISDads Podcast Tournament under way. This year, Disneyland is finally getting its long over due turn at the “My Theme Park” treatment. Kevin Crossman stepped up to put together this year’s bracket. You’ll notice that these brackets are paired rather than seeded – they’re designed to introduce more challenging decisions earlier in the tournament, and also to distribute potential winners throughout the bracket. We’ll kick off the tournament at 8:00 p.m. Central Time this coming Sunday, June 26, 2016 over at DISTalk Radio, with a live podcast of the first quarter of the first round of the tournament – eight match-ups in all.

And here’s your chance to influence the outcome. As with previous tournaments, the three panelists will vote on a winner. As host, I will only vote to make (or, in the unlikely event that a panelists doesn’t cast a vote, to break) a tie. Results of the polls below will be used to influence the panel, but any ties will be broken by the listeners in the chatroom live.

[poll id=”164″]
[poll id=”165″]
[poll id=”166″]
[poll id=”167″]
[poll id=”168″]
[poll id=”169″]
[poll id=”170″]
[poll id=”171″]

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