3 thoughts to “Which Toy Story movie is your favorite (and why)?”

  1. I still haven’t seen Toy Story 3. It might be a couple of weeks before we get there. So I’m not sure I can vote in the poll yet. Right now, I like 2 over 1.

  2. It’s kind of like asking me to pick my favorite child. I really enjoyed all 3 of them. Toy Story 3 got my nod, just barely.

  3. TS3 was my favorite. it recaped the first 2 plus showed how much of a friend Woody really is by not leaving his friends behind, even though he could have left them behind (A True Friend). I’m glad to see they left it open for a TS4. If there is a TS4 I will go to see it even if I’m 90.

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