4 thoughts to “Did the Bunk Madness Championship panel get it right?”

  1. I think I may have gotten it wrong. While I’ve stayed at all the resorts discussed last night Poly is the resort that I want to stay at, POR is more often the resort that I actually stay at.

  2. right or wrong…doesn’t really matter. I helped you set up the Brackets… so I filled out the bracket of how I thought it would go… and I nailed every branch except the Epcot… since I’m not particularly “in love” with that area… I voted for money… and I had the Swan and Dolphin. I did also had the Poly winning… but then this is the bracket I filled out based on what I thought would happen.

    I think it was Ryan that said it in the Podcast… if there were some form of metrics in place for the panel to grade each resort. I tend to agree.

    The only vote I think went “wrong” is when AKL vs CSR was forced into a tie and then went to the blog poll. The poll had 24 “flyby” votes… and 3 real votes… 1 each for AKL, POP, and CSR. I’m not saying that CSR is any more deserving… but I will say that the voter (me) certainly presented a very good argument. lol

    Almost as good as the arguments that force the Poly vs POR tie. 😉

  3. Finally got to listen to it. First – kudos on bringing up the awesome value of Riverside Orleans (and it would have applied even more to Pop Century) – while they didn’t win, I suspect I’m not the only Dad who picks those spots when it comes down to actually planning just because it makes a longer stay or allows for more frequent trips). Second – my takeaway on the whole championship was “The perfect hotel depends on the circumstances of your trip”. Third – yeah, the winner was predictable, but deserved (still, every trip I look at staying at that one, work out the pricing & pros/cons & wind up staying some place else. But someday I’ll stay there – it’s definitely got top billing on the bucket list).

  4. I disagree, yet I agree. I completely understand the thought of the Poly being the ultimate Disney Resort. I can’t argue with it winning from a “where do I want to stay if I can stay anywhere” perspective.

    However, when it comes to value… well, there’s a reason that Poly, Contemporary and Beach Club are all at the top of the list of places that I want to stay, yet never can pull the trigger once I look at the prices. If I was to fill out the brackets, Poly wouldn’t have made it out of the MK region based on that principle alone. WL would have come out of that region. I think I’d have had to go with AKL out of the final 4. Getting the kind of experience you can have at those 2 deluxe resorts at a lower price point just makes them way too appealing, to me. Although, I’m not 100% sure that AKL would have survived against the values in the first round if I did it…

    I think the panels did a good job hashing things out and giving all the resorts a fair shake. As it always is with these polls, if you change 1 or 2 people in each panel, the results could have been 100% different.

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