Today in Disney History

Disneyland:  June 1, 1956
Walt Disney gives President Sukarno of Indonesia, and his family, a personal tour of the park. 
Walt Disney World:  June 1, 1982
In preparation for the opening of EPCOT Center later in the year, the Monorail line is extended from the Ticket and Transportation Center to the new park. 
Walt Disney World:  June 1, 1989
Typhoon Lagoon officially opens.  This new 56-acre water park, featuring one of the world’s largest wave pools in the U.S., includes water slides, a lazy river, a salt-water coral reef where guests can swim with sharks – and the water remains a comfortable 75-80 degrees year-round.  The park’s centerpiece is the Miss Tilly, a shrimp boat impaled upon Mount Mayday, a volcano erupting a 50-foot geyser of water each half hour. a Gator

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  1. Stopher, you know we appreciate these daily nuggets of Disney, but wow. Slow day for Disneyland, huh? That’s got to be just above “June 1, 1984. A member of the custodial staff replaces an empty toilet paper roll with a full one.”

  2. LOL!

    Oddly, either of those pieces of news are more interesting than my typical day.

  3. Mental note to self… the chilly monkey man doesn’t want to read about the 30-50 various heads of state/royalty/government leaders, who were so enchanted by Walt Disney and his new entertainment kingdom, that they just had to visit it while in the U.S. for some other reason, and were treated to private tours of the park during the park’s infancy by its’ founder.

    Seriously Barry – you had me cracking up when I read your comment…

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