Test Track ride photoBy Adam Dale

We decided to take a bus over to Epcot. The bus ride took a bit, and we continued through bag check and the turnstiles. We grabbed a Photopass shot in front of Spaceship Earth (the Photopass CD hasn’t arrived yet). A quick look at the Lines app said that Test Track was a 140 minute wait and Soarn’ was a 120 minute wait (and Soarin’ Fastpasses are gone)! So we headed to Test Track to grab a Fastpass (and got a return time of 6:00 p.m.)! Then we headed back to Soarin’ and got in the Stand-by line with a posted wait time of 100 minutes.

In line, I passed out waters and snacks. We played with the “games” in the queue and chatted and plotted the rest of the day. It actually only took about an hour to get to the boarding point. It was pretty cool for my kids -e we got to meet a young girl who was there on her “Make a Wish” trip. We talked with her and her mom, and rode Soarn’ with them. It was their first trip ever to Walt Disney World, and watching them experience Soarin’ was very cool.

After Soarin’, everyone was ready for lunch as it was about 12:15 p.m. But no one would agree on what to eat, so we opted for bland basics at Electric Umbrella (when all else fails, chicken and hamburgers work). We ate, rested, cooled off, and one of the twins decided it time for Mission: SPACE. Against Dad’s better judgment, I let the kids choose Orange. We got in line, got our assignments, and boarded our X-2 Deep Space Shuttle. Luckily no one lost their lunch and everyone exited happy! With hours now until we can could use our Fastpass for Test Track, we decided to head to another park.

(Through the magic of editing, we pick back up with Adam and his family on their return to Epcot, later in the day).

After a short bus ride we were back in Epcot, and making our way toward Test Track Presented by Chevrolet. We got in to the queue, designed our cars, and moved on to our ride vehicle. After Test Track we headed into World Showcase. We stopped to watch the Chinese Acrobats for a few minutes, as we strolled through World Showcase, just taking it all in. We stoped at the American Pavilion and grabbed everyone a Coca-Cola Slush and a Jalapeno Pretzel, and pressed on. We slowly made our way to the International Gateway and boarded a Friendship Boat to head back to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to pick up our van – still one more theme park to go!

(Ed. Note: Yes, there is another park in between the two stops in Epcot. Just stick with us).

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