Top 5 Tuesday: Epcot Flower & Garden Festival Food

DISDad Scott Stradtman got to spend a solo day in Epcot recently during the Flower & Garden Festival, and here are Scott’s Top 5 Flower & Garden Festival food and drink finds:

5. Bratwurst The always-reliable German bratwurst.

4. lamb kebab and couscous The very good lamb kebab and couscous from Morocco.

3. Hovels beer The Dad’s must-do. A cold Hovels beer from Germany.

2. German meatloaf and savory bread pudding The amazing German meatloaf sandwich with coarse mustard and savory bread pudding.

1. Shrimp & Grits And at the top of the list, from the Florida Fresh booth, was stone ground grits, shrimp, sausage, corn and cilantro that Scott called outstanding!

So what do you think? Anyone else get a chance to try some of the food at the Flower & Garden Festival? What were your favorites?

5 thoughts to “Top 5 Tuesday: Epcot Flower & Garden Festival Food”

  1. The pictures really don’t do the food justice. The food booths are a great addition to Flower and Garden this year! I wish I had more room to eat more!

  2. Scott also assured us that the shrimp portion in the Shrimp and Grits offering is more generous than pictured – he couldn’t resist eating one first. 🙂

  3. Thanks to this post, I think I need to fire up the BBQ this weekend to grill up some Brats.

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