runDisney: Episode 71

Host: Aaron Rittmaster
Panel: Eric Anderson; Justin West

In Episode 71, the panel discusses participating in runDisney distance running events at Walt Disney World. Both panelists recommended resources available from the runDisney website and the Mickey Miles Podcast.

runDisney (Race signups, training, and nutrition tips)
Mickey Miles Podcast

Eric also recommends the Runner’s World message boards.

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3 thoughts to “runDisney: Episode 71”

  1. I contacted runDisney about duathlons. They don’t offer an event. If they did, I’d bike with any DisDad that wanted to run!

  2. @ Jason I think I had heard that there was a disney Triathalon at one point. Biking disney could be a lot of fun. They do have the blessing of space so they could set up a pretty big loop.

    For those of you that listened to this podcast that are just considering doing a disney race I’d remember the following:

    1) There are a lot of different Disney race lengths. If a half seems to daunting they do have 5ks. The EE 5k is a particularly good choice because it comes with a tech tee and a real medal.
    2) Use the race as a catalyst to get healthy, don’t wait to get healthy before you sign up. Even for a half marathon if you sign up 5 or 6 months in advance that will give you enough time to train from couch to half marathon.

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