Fly or Drive to WDW?: Episode 67

Host: Aaron Rittmaster
Panelists: Adam Dale; David Nicely; Ryan Treichler

In episode 67, the panel takes up the Drive vs. Fly debate, with panelists whose drives from home to Walt Disney World vary between 8 hours and 20+ hours.

Gasoline cost calculator

Fly or Drive Calculator

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5 thoughts to “Fly or Drive to WDW?: Episode 67”

  1. I would so prefer to fly, but don’t because of the cost. It would be a few hours on a plane (direct flight) or 13 hours by driving. The flight is times four. We leave around 4 PM and arrive around 7:00 AM the next morning. They sleep in the car on the way, and I sleep by the pool when we get there.

  2. It was briefly mentioned but I felt should have had more emphasis that when you drive to WDW not only do you save on airline costs, but you also avoid having to rent a car. We would NEVER not go to WDW without a car – I had to laugh at the podcast where the discussion veered to “relaxing” for waiting for Disney transportation, since waiting for a bus is totally stress-inducing to our family (some of us more than others, though).

    For most parks and resorts, driving your own car is faster and more reliable than Disney buses, so that’s why we always rent a car.

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