Disney at Home: Episode 63

Host: Aaron Rittmaster
Panelists: Mark Pratt, Eric Anderson, Scott Henney

In Episode 63, the panel discusses ways in which we bring Disney and the Disney Theme Parks and Resorts into our homes.

Sorry for the abrupt ending – I’m still getting the hang of the editing thing. Special thanks to Josh Haas for our intro music and the sponsor announcement.

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One thought to “Disney at Home: Episode 63”

  1. Home…
    One Bathroom is Mickey Themed
    Our “nice” Dishes are Winnie the Pooh
    I have an Icecream Maker and Dole Whip Mix
    We have a few Jim Shore Piece… Mickey Feeding a bird… the 7 Dwarfs walking on the Log… Lilo and Stich at a Luau.

    We also have the Wilderness Lodge Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Humphry Statue. Several Disney Throws and Blanket. about half of our bedding is also Disney.

    My oldest son has several Disney Knick Knacks including the Parteners Statue. My youngest sons room is Star Wars… Which is also Disney now… as well as a nice Vinylmation collection.

    Games… We have Epic Mickey 1, Toy Story Midway Mania, Disney Trivia for the Wii. Epic Mickey 2, Disneyland Kinect, Disney Universe, and Cars for the Xbox 360. We also have both Disney Clue Board Games (Haunted Mansion and Tower of Terror), Plus the Magic Kingdom Board game.

    Clothing… We all have plenty…
    My personal collection of T-Shirts are…
    1] Tie Dyed Donald/Philharmagic Shirt
    2] Tie Dyed Stitches Great Escape Shirt
    3] Dr. Doffenschmertz Who’s Diabolical Shirt
    4] Blue Mater Shirt
    5] Brown Mater Shirt
    6] Perry the Platipus Shirt
    7] Animal Kingdom Tiki Stitch shirt
    8] Animal Kingdom tiki Tigger shirt
    9] DCL Red Shirt
    10] DCL Pirates in the Caribbean Black Shirt

    And for Work I have the Standard Mickey Polos in Red, Dark Gray, Ash Gray, Orange, Navy… I also have made a Hidden Micky out of some Old Hard Drive Disks.

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