When/where should the next DISDads Convention be?

As we put this one in the books, it’s time to look ahead to the next DISDads Convention. So when should we hold it? January again – 12 months away? Or maybe the beginning of June, before the heavy summer crowd hits? And what about a cruise, something that’s been tossed around as a possibility before. Let us know what you think!

When/Where should the next DISDads Convention be?

  • June 2014 at Walt Disney World (56%, 23 Votes)
  • June 2014 on Disney Cruise Line (17%, 7 Votes)
  • January 2014 at Walt Disney World (15%, 6 Votes)
  • Other (please explain in the comments) (10%, 4 Votes)
  • January 2014 on Disney Cruise Line (2%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 41

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16 thoughts to “When/where should the next DISDads Convention be?”

  1. I like the idea of the Disdads cruise in June but I would not be able to attend like I would if it was June 2014, I could sneak away for a long weekend for the June 2014 DDCC so that’s my vote, but I’ll add a DDCC 3 cruise would be awesome

  2. I chose June, mostly for those who find January inconvenient. Unfortunately, I feel whatever the decision is, I can not attend this one, nor the next. The only foreseeable trip I have in the next five or so years is in January of ’15. If January is chosen for next year, I’m sure June would be a lock-in for ’15. If it’s June for next year, six months is too short a time to plan for the next one. Not unless there were essentially two conventions a year, and most would attend the one that best suits their schedules (though, I’m sure there will be a few who would be willing to attend both). But two conventions would require two people planning- I would not wish that burden to be laid on Aaron only. Anyway, just my two cents.

  3. I voted for a June 2014 cruise, but would also be able to do a June 2014 WDW visit. I just felt that there would be more opportunity to get to know everyone on a cruise. Plus, the kids LOVE the kids clubs and it’s easy to convince the wife to do a cruise 🙂

  4. I’m less concerned with the date than the cost. I usually can afford one family trip a year, and that will always come first in priority. If I get a raise or my wife gets a full-time job we might be able to do more, but it’ll always be a budget matter as to whether I can sneak down for a weekend or not. Obviously a cruise would be a lot more expensive and would be harder to do, so I’d probably vote for WDW from a cost standpoint.

  5. I voted for June 2014. That might be too soon for us since we’re going October of this year. I think the last of the Star Wars Weekends would be a good target date for the convention.

  6. I love the cruise idea.But a major problem with a Disney cruise is the price!!! Disney may say its family friendly but their prices for cruises are far from family friendly!! Disney prices for cruise are way out of control.This may be more of an idea for couples.
    Now as far as summer trips.yes this would make it a lot easier for families.But the crowds and the heat will make groups planning a little harder.I think in the summer, people are more likely to be in the parks less due to the heat and crowds.Having kids standing in them long lines during the summer may not be to much fun.
    As far as Winter month meets go. Yes the crowds are better.The temps are better( except for this yr lol). Makes it a lot better to be in parks longer cause your not waiting as long for thing and the sun isnt beating you up to bad.But now we are talking taking kids out of school and tougher work schedules for some.
    Now for those going solo (or with spouse) it may not make a difference when or where we go.
    I think I said this when planning the first trip but I will say it again.We will never be able to get a time that fits all.But for those of you that were not at the first one.You wont want to miss the second one!

  7. I voted for June 2014 so Dads can bring their kids.

    But I had a thought that Brazil in January would be good, there won’t be anyone there!

  8. I voted June 2014 @ WDW due to schedule and cost.

    However, I’m not opposed to a Cruise in June 2014, either, as we’ve been talking about trying out DCL for a trip. Maybe make it a Land/Sea package for the DDCCII and let the Dads pick which part to attend, or both if that’s what they can afford.


  9. I voted January WDW. I do not plan on going to WDW anytime from April to September because of crowds and temps. We went in May two years ago and melted the soles of my shoes it was so hot. Yes I may miss out on Star Wars Weekends but dang it. I want to be able to enjoy it. And being a hot sweaty mess is not enjoyable.

  10. With all of the guys talking about wanting to run a race on Marathon Weekend 2014, I’m wondering if perhaps a somewhat different approach might work for our next “event.” What would people think about doing a post-race dinner in January 2014 for any who are at WDW to run – no group booking, no planned park days, just a single DISDads Running Team celebration event. But making the next “convention event” a June 2014 cruise?

  11. I’m kind of in the same boat as Mark. It really comes down to the almighty dollar. And then concern number 2 is actually the amount of time we can take off. I know even years will tend to be harder for us because we typically go on a vacation with my in laws, so those 2 trips would tie up all of our vacation time and likely a little more than our funds.

    Truthfully though, June, particularly the early part will be a no go for me because there is always potential we could still be in planting season through the middle or end of the month. I do have a conference scheduled for I believe the same weekend the DDCC was this year in 2016, so I could potentially look at that, but DW and I have already discussed using this for a family trip, and since DS will be in kindergarten by then, it will be a no go.

  12. Basically long story short, I don’t care when you have it. I’m probably not going to be able to be there unless it just happens to magically fall into place that we have the time and money to swing a family vacation. I just can’t justify spending that much of our vacation budget for myself to go alone.

  13. I had to vote for all them because for most of the options I would be probably be looking at a solo trip. Early January could be possible for a family trip but it would depend on the school schedule.

    And I just remembered DW is planning a late June cruise to the Bermuda out of Boston so I would probably be out for any June 2014 options.

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