Favorite Disney Animated Films: Episode 53

Host: Aaron Rittmaster
Panel: David Nicely, Jason Knox, Kevin Bentley

In episode 53, we take a departure from our usual focus on Disney theme parks and cruises and share our favorite Disney Animated Films. We focused on Walt Disney Animation Studios only – no Pixar or Studio Ghibli or live-action this time around.

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4 thoughts to “Favorite Disney Animated Films: Episode 53”

  1. How did you guys make it all the way through without mentioning The Little Mermaid?
    That was the movie brought Disney back to life. There was a gap in there where Wonderful World of Disney was taken off the air and Disney wasn’t pitching Home runs. It was the beginning of the new era post Ub Iwerks and Don Bluth. Disney introduced their first new princess in 30 years. It breathed new life into what Disney now officially calls the Disney Princesses. Another that I was kind of shocked didn’t come up was Bambi, but I get that not every movie can make the list.

    Oh by the way, my Daughter is going to be upset when she hears this Podcast and her namesake princess isn’t mentioned. :-).

    Love the new ending by the way. Way to honor and usher in the Lucas family.

    60 days Dads. We can have these conversations in real time and they can last longer than 30 mins if we want.


  2. I’m listing my top 5, but don’t make me put them in order…

    And if I had to do this again next week, it might be a different list.

    Peter Pan
    The Lion King
    Princess and the Frog

    I just want to comment about the Princess and the Frog and explain why I have it there. It felt to me like Disney animation felt a bit different from the late 90’s into the 2000’s. There were some good animated films, but they just had a different feel to them for me. The Princess and the Frog felt to me like it was a return to classic Disney animation and it was just a really enjoyable movie to watch.

  3. 5] Bambi … First one I remember seeing
    4] Lion King… Great Story… Great everything.
    3] Lilo and Stitch… Love Stitch… Love the Elvis Music.
    2] Little Mermaid… Some of my favorite Disney Songs.
    1] Beauty and the Beast… Better Story… and great Music.

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