1. We started our Give Kids the World benefit auction this week, with a fantastic item. Thanks to James Goodman (@SWABikeDude) and Southwest Airlines for supplying two round-trip tickets anywhere in the Continental United States that SWA files, with no blackout dates. The tickets just have to be used by June 30, 2013. The auction continues until Sunday night, October 21, at 10:00 p.m. Central Time. The current high bid is $400. If you’re flying coast-to-coast, these tickets can be worth $1600 or more! There still time to bid!

2. I’m hearing great things about the menu at Gaston’s Tavern in New Fantasyland. The guys on the discussion boards have suggested that a place in the Magic Kingdom serving pork shank and a foamy drink in a stein (even if it’s not beer) may have to become the new official DISDads hangout in the Magic Kingdom!

3. Great to have so many new DISDads on the podcast panels lately! Welcome to the crew Kevin Bentley, Tim Hicks, Don Donfris, Scott Henney, John Grigas, Todd Breaux, Terrence Hawkins, Darcey McKillop (and probably more that I’m forgetting to list)!

4. As much as I’m loving everything I’m seeing and hearing about New Fantasyland, reports about the Country Bears Jamboree refurb are disappointing. Animatronics have been cleaned up and improved. Costumes look fresher (though not all seem are real improvements). But the show changes are a major FAIL. Cutting out the stage banter reduces a classic WDW show to the level of a Showbiz Pizza (remember them) Rock-A-Fire Explosion distraction. And many of the song editing decisions just seem odd. It’s a shame that so much show quality has been sacrificed in the interest of increasing capacity for an attraction that never seems to have long lines anyway.

5. There’s still time to book a trip to join us for the DISDads Convention, January 10-14, 2013. We’ve got great rates on rooms at Wilderness Lodge, Port Orleans-Riverside, and All-Star Movies; a 10% discount on tickets, and the promise of great fun with a terrific group of guys. (I’ve run the numbers, and particularly if you’re not planning on purchasing a dining plan, our group discounts are still a better deal than any of the current public discount offers). Contact a Fairytale Journeys by DISDads agent to get your trip booked today!

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