WDW Transportation: Episode 45

Host: Aaron Rittmaster
Panel: David Juart, Matthew Wrenn, David Nicely

Episode 45 tackles the topic of how to get around at the Walt Disney World resort. The panel discussed options for transportation from the Orlando airport (MCO) to the Walt Disney World resort, including rental cars, Magical Express, and car services. There’s a great list of taxi/car services over at MouseSavers.

Next, the panel discusses the various on-property Walt Disney World transportation options, including the monorail, boats, and buses. We also offered some suggestions for “how to get there from here.” The panel noted a fairly new smartphone app, apparently available for both iOS and Android, called GPS Transportation Wizard (iTunes link).

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One thought to “WDW Transportation: Episode 45”

  1. I was glad to hear that car rental was finally mentioned as an option at the end of the show, but I feel this option was not really given the focus it should have been. In most cases, car rental can be very inexpensive (especially in relation to the total cost of a vacation) and your family is doing any sort of resort-hopping it can save so much time an aggravation vs. the complicated jumps and steps mentioned in the podcast. And except for the Magic Kingdom is it nearly always far faster on average to drive a car than to use the buses (when you factor wait time for the buses to arrive at your resort).

    We usually stay at Pop Century or French Quarter and our car is parked very close to our room – closer than the bus stops. So, before we could even arrive to wait for the bus we are already on our way and driving to the parks.

    On our last trip we did use the buses to go to the Magic Kingdom and that was a good option especially since we literally walked onto a bus as we were departing the park (so, only had to wait on one side of the round trip).

    I agree the boats are probably faster than the monorail for TTC to MK trips. We did find the boats from Hollywood Studios to Epcot were really really slow given all the stops along the way. This was not an efficient mode of transport at least in terms of time (you could walk there far faster).

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