Poll: My Walt Disney World – Final 8

Which four of these eight experiences should advance to the championship rounds? Please vote for one experience in each of the four Groups. Why should your chosen experiences advance? What sets them apart from their competition?

Which four should advance from the Final Eight?

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6 thoughts to “Poll: My Walt Disney World – Final 8”

  1. This is kind of a problem I’ve had listening to the podcasts. This is essentially supposed to be for the quintessential thing at Disney. To me, that means someone that anyone can enjoy. I believe that automatically disqualifies any ride that has a height restriction.

  2. Well, as you’ll hear us discuss more in the Championship Rounds podcast, I take full blame for any part that the word “quintessential” (the “q-word”) playing in skewing these results. That was never really the intent of the tournament, to focus solely on quintessential Disney World. Rather, the title says it all. It’s MY Walt Disney World, according to the experiences of our panelists. It’s about what makes the parks what they are for DISDads, as a group. I offered the word “quintessential” in an attempt to succinctly capture that idea, and instead probably mucked them up a bit.

    That said, height restrictions were among the factors that were frequently discussed during the podcasts. If “everyone can ride” was a required qualification, than rides with height requirements would not have been included in the tournament.

  3. This has been a lot of fun. I’m sure you have lots of podcast ideas but I could see a tournament bracket per park, tournament bracket of drinks at WDW, snacks, restaurants, resorts. Again, this has been a lot of fun, thanks to all for doing this.

  4. I just voted for my favorites. The toughest for me was Wishes vs. Rock n Roller Coaster. I went with Wishes, though, because i just LOVE being on Main Street. and splash mtn over space mtn because the overall theming of Splash tells a more complete story. (in my opinion)

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