My Walt Disney World, Mickey Group – Rounds 2 & 3: Episode 37

Host – Aaron Rittmaster
Panel – Mark Pratt, Nathan Trent, Dave Compton, Matthew Wrenn

In Episode 37, we begin the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the “My Walt Disney World” tournament with the Mickey Group. The panel whittles the remaining eight Mickey Group experiences down to two. Like an MVP award in sports, everyone has their own criteria, and the matchups make for a lively discussion. (Apologies in advance for the issues with Matthew’s microphone).

Here are the Mickey Group round 2 and 3 matchups, in case you want to follow along at home. You can find the results of the blog readers’ vote here. Next week, we’ll bring you Rounds 2 & 3 of the Donald Group.

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3 thoughts to “My Walt Disney World, Mickey Group – Rounds 2 & 3: Episode 37”

  1. Well I guess enough people have listened to this one now that this is not a spoiler… We did a pretty good job as a panel vs. the listeners poll. both had the same results.

    I love it when that happens. Pretty sure this won’t happen next week.

  2. I am having fun arguing with everybody on these episodes! I’m sure fellow motorists just think I have a hands-free phone. Little do they know . . .

  3. I might have to park to listen to Pluto. From the hints being dropped, I’m afraid I won’t just be arging with the radio. There’s a good chance I could get some road rage. lol

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