Friday Five – Random References & Reflections

1. Over the last couple of weeks, theme/Amusement park website Screamscape posted some interesting rumors about upcoming changes the Illuminations nighttime spectacular at Epcot. The most persistent rumor is the the Reflections of Earth video globe will be retired to make way for a new show. New show elements were rumored to include more fireworks, and in a return to the original Illuminations show, incorporate unique stories from the countries of the World Showcase. Somewhat more recent rumors suggest that technology and lessons learned from building World of Color at DCA and the Tokyo DisneySea version of Fantasmic! would be incorporated in the new Epcot show. The show would get new projection water screens and arrays of colored water fountains that may be spread out around the lagoon. (Did I mention that these are all just rumors)?

2. Remember, THIS WEEKEND, July 13-15, is Global Ice Cream for Breakfast Weekend, a fundraising event for Give Kids the World, a favorite DISDads charity project. Let’s join in and serve ice cream for breakfast in our homes, and make a donation to support Give Kids the World. We’ve added a link to the DISDads Club Firstgiving page, which collects donations to forward to Give Kids the World, in the right-hand column of the blog. We’ll set up a message board thread and a Facebook group post for an Ice Cream for Breakfast Photoblitz all weekend.

3. Are you on Twitter? Here are some great Disney fan community folks you should be following, if you’re not following them already: @tperlmutter @wdwfigment @cherylp3 @TheDisneyBlog @DisneyFoodBlog @TouringPlans @chipandcompany @WedwayRadio @ohatwdw @loumongello @attractions @43SquareMiles @onthegoinmco @hatboxfiend

4. I’ve recently given a listen to a couple of Disney podcasts that fall into a new genre of Disney podcasts, which I think I’ll call “Disney Snark.” It’s probably not for everyone, but if you enjoy sometimes poking fun at your fellow obsessive Disney fans and taking an occassionally a bit more jaded look at Disney Parks and Resorts, here are a couple of fun places to do it – WDW DIS-Cussion and Of Mouse and Man (iTunes links) (Warning: the language on these podcasts may not be kid-appropriate).

5. Speaking of podcasts, I’m really enjoying the new format for Wedway NOW!, (iTunes link)¬†which also now has it’s own feed, separate from the Wedway Radio feed. It’s a fun review of Disney parks news, and I’m especially enjoying the participation of (and interviews with)¬†guests from around the Disney community. Nice work Matt and Nate!

4 thoughts to “Friday Five – Random References & Reflections”

  1. Whether it is going to happen or not, I’m kind of excited about the Illuminations rumor. I’m not a big fan of the globe thing and I think more fireworks and a return to highlighting each country would be great!

  2. Andy – I mostly agree with you, but I do wish that would find a way to incorporate the globe into a new show, maybe used differently. It’s sort of the signature element of the current show, and it would be nice to see them find a way to adapt it.

  3. Well, what about the possiblity of the WOC technology? It wouldn’t be the globe with the LEDs per se, but they could potentially add a similar show element using the water projection technology. Maybe a nod to the globe without it physically being there.

    Who knows… there might be something new that we haven’t even thought of yet by the time the rumor becomes a reality.

  4. Boy I hope those rumors are true… Illuminations needs allot of help. The Slow/Dead spot in the middle of the show often leaves me thinking that something is broken… I’m like really… a globe with picture I can’t see…and this is “the Show”… Man I should have went to Magic Kingdom to watch Wishes. LOL

    I have yet to see Fantasmic and I would still rank it above Illuminations.

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