Friday Five: Random References & Reflections

1. We have a Cars Land Trivia Contest winner! Congrats to Kevin Crossman. The question that tripped people up was the year on the entrance plaque. Lots of people gave answers of dates on plaques in other locations. But the year on the new entrance plaque is 1923 – the year that Walt arrived in California. Kevin – watch for an Email from James Goodman to get your mailing address so he can send you the prize package!

2. July 13-15 is Global Ice Cream for Breakfast Weekend, a fundraising event for Give Kids the World, a favorite DISDads charity project. Let’s join in and serve ice cream for breakfast in our homes, and make a donation to support Give Kids the World. We’ve added a link to the DISDads Club Firstgiving page, which collects donations to forward to Give Kids the World, in the right-hand column of the blog. We’ll set up a message board thread and a Facebook group post for an Ice Cream for Breakfast Photoblitz all weekend.

3. Thanks to participating DISDads Nathan Trent, Mark Pratt, David Juart, Brady Aymond, Paul Hajjar, Jason Knox, Dave Compton, Matthew Wrenn, Chris Carroll and James Goodman.

4. Plans for the DISDads Convention are moving right along. We have nearly 30 people signed up for a kick-off dinner at Wilderness Canyon Cafe on January 10, 2013. If you’re interested in joining us, you can RSVP to the Event in the DISDads Facebook Group or let us know in the comments here.

5. I’m really happy with the way the My Walt Disney World tournament podcasts are going. Feedback from listeners has been great, and they’ve generated some lively discussions here, in the Facebook group, and on the discussion boards. We’ve got a little over a month’s worth of those podcasts left to record and release, but then it will be time to move on to some new topics. What would you like to hear the DISDads Podcast panel talk about?

7 thoughts to “Friday Five: Random References & Reflections”

  1. The podcasts are great, Aaron. I’m trying to think of some specific ideas for the future, but I love how this series is so much opinion and it really makes for a lot of good discussion and back and forth debate. I hope that we can have more thought provoking podcasts like that in the future.

  2. My last idea will be about 2 months of podcast… I’ll let someone else do the next one. LOL

    You need to go back to DLR also.
    A revisit to Cruises would be nice.

    OK… I can’t stop myslef… we need to do a Bracket of Resort (non-park) Experiences. Resorts… Resturants… DTD… Shows… Pools. not 64… maybe 16?

  3. Actually Nate, I was thinking along those same lines. I think a resort and/or restaurant (could be together, could be separate) bracket would be another fun one. I just didn’t really want to suggest another bracket right away. We don’t want to run out of things to put in that format all at once.

    DLR would be a good one, especially now that Cars Land is in play there. Someone with first hand experience since it opened on the panel would be great.

    Aulani might be another good topic. We have some dads that have gone there… including one that is there right now.

    Podcasts focusing on Fantasyland as new portions are opened to the public would also be good.

  4. I’ll be in Disney for a couple of days this month. Anything you want me to research for a podcast/write up while I’m there?

  5. Hey, I’ve got another idea for a bracket. Dave could put together a “best restroom” bracket.

  6. Jodi and I would like to RSVP for the kick-off dinner at Wilderness Canyon Cafe on January 10, 2013. I don’t do facebook, Jodi does, but couldn’t find anything from the link.

  7. I’ve got you Randall. Just let me know over on the boards if you’ll be bringing anyone along other than you and Jodi.

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