My Walt Disney World, Pluto Group, Round 1: Episode 34

Host – Aaron Rittmaster
Panel – Mark Pratt, Nathan Trent, John Thomas, Jason Gilbert

In Episode 34, we continue the first round of the “My Walt Disney World” tournament. The panel considers the next group of 16 candidates in the process of determining which is the most important/significant/quintessential experience at Walt Disney World. Like an MVP award in sports, everyone has their own criteria, so the matchups make for a lively discussion.

Here are the Pluto Group matchups, in case you want to follow along at home. You can find the results of the blog readers’ vote here. We’ll be continuing with this tournament through the summer, releasing a new podcast each week. Next week, we’ll bring you Round 1 in the Donald Division.

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7 thoughts to “My Walt Disney World, Pluto Group, Round 1: Episode 34”

  1. WARNING… Spoilers are in the post…

    Some Observations of the Listener’s Poll vs. the Panel.
    •Kilimanjaro Safaris Dominated the Epcot Festival’s 26 to 6
    •Big Thunder Mountian “railroads” IASW 28 to 8
    •AK Trails defeats Akershus 20 to 11

    I personally had all these picks…
    Kilimanjaro was the #1 overall choice for AK during data collection… KS was robbed. lol

    The arguments for iasw defeating Big Thunder were good… I’m ok with this. (yes… I’m being held in a chamber playing that song)

    AK trails… While this was my pick… I can honestly say on my last few visits I have not walked any trails at AK. This panel had guys with daughters…I cannot fault them for the way they voted. Until I have a Grand-daughter… the Trails would still have to be my vote.

  2. I was listening to the episode in the car this afternoon with my daughter. She has declared Nate her nemesis, as he always picks the thing she doesn’t like. And she’s still stewing at me for picking iasw over Big Thunder in the tie-breaker.

  3. LOL

    I love it…I can hear it now…

    “Daddy” that Redneck Disdad must be the worst dad ever. LOL

    BTW…to win some points with her… I did vote for BTM. LOL

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