Zerf’s WDW Restroom Contest – TIEBREAKER – WINNER!

The scores have been tallied, and we have — a tie! The top 5 finishers were:
In a 3-way tie for 3rd place, with seven points each: Emma’s Dad, Darcy, and Freezin’ Rafiki
Tied for 1st place, with 14 points each, are SWABikeDude and Wherem I Now. In order to break the tie at the top and determine who gets the prize, James and Mike will be participating in a tie-breaker.

We have a winner! James Goodman squeaked by Mike Willis on the strength of the very last tiebreaker photo. I will post a complete list of the photos and answers later tonight or tomorrow.

To break the tie, James and Mike will be Emailing me with their guesses for the location of the restrooms posted below. They will continue to take turns guessing until one or the other of them has identified all three. The first one to get all three correct, wins. Here’s a hint: one of the photos is from a restaurant; one of the photos is near an attraction; and one of the photos is from a space outside of the theme parks. The standard for determining if an answer is correct will be, if I asked, “where’s the restroom,” would the description be enough for me to find it.

7 thoughts to “Zerf’s WDW Restroom Contest – TIEBREAKER – WINNER!”

  1. Nice work guys! I couldn’t even begin to guess on some of the pictures. I know where one of these is, though.

  2. Thanks guys! Mike was a great competitor! In fact – everyone was great – this was fun! You know you spend a lot of time in bathrooms when you have a young child who just “always has to go when you just get in line for an attraction!”

    But this was totally fun! Thanks guys for putting this together! When’s the next contest? Let’s do one on FOOD!

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