Blue Sky Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Episode 30

Host – Aaron Rittmaster
Panel – Dave Compton; Jason Knox; David Juart; Matthew Wrenn

In Episode 30, the DISDads panel continued our wishful thinking look at the future of the Walt Disney World theme parks. The panel suggested DHS attractions that had run their course and are ripe for removal. Next, we addressed attractions in need of major overhauls. We took a break so that Matthew Wrenn could take the hot seat for 10 Questions. And finally, we discussed new attractions that would help bring DHS forward into the future.

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One thought to “Blue Sky Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Episode 30”

  1. OK so this one slipped past me. Not sure I had any original ideas for this park…as it is my least favorite park. It has about 5-6 thing I consider must do’s… but yet the layout of the park is so bad… the theme is weak… I think the park as a whole needs an overhaul.

    The Hat does not bother me in the least. I think it’s a nice Icon… though not one I take pictures of. (Castle, Ball, Tree) I still consider Earful Tower “the” Icon for this park.

    REMOVE… Got to go with BOTH Indiana Jones. and Lights Motors Action… Both of these shows are good… but for me they are One and done type shows… they did not inspire me to ever return.

    REFURB: The NO SO Great Movie Ride would be my Candidate for a Major Refurb. Not sure what I would do…but agree with Aaron that this ride has no Real Story…And I’m not certain I would say any of those movies I would consider Great? Also this ride has as much re-rideability as… Drying Paint: the Ride? I think this ride woould be a good place to put in a Marvel Theme. The Avengers, Iron Man, Hulk, Etc. will have a relavent Fan base to keep people coming.

    NEW: Muppets Expansion… New Resturant… More Muppet theming. Here would be a good place to put in a Muppet Car Ride…seems they do allot of travel via Car (or Map) would be a good kid ride ala Tomorrowland Speedway… but using Electric cars (see Dollywood’ Rockin Roadway

    Star Wars Expansion…
    Loved the Idea of an Adult Jedi Training Academy.
    I would add yet another Resturant (Alien Band and all)
    I think an attraction presented by Lucas Arts would be interesting. Showing how they make certain special effects, sounds, etc. More scenery to play and take photos in. A Millenium Falcon Walk thru.

    A True Pixar Place… I know that the Monster Inc. Rollercoaster has been rumored…But that would be cool. I liked the Idea of Creating a Carsland…but being that we have Test Track and the Cars Section at AoA… I don’t see them spending the money on that? Expanding on the Monsters In Franchise. UP!… Wall-E and Incredibles. I know I used a Soarin type ride in my MK… but I think a Soarin’ flight thru the Pixar Movies (UP, Toy Stories, Bugs Life, Wall-E, Incredibles, Planes) would be cool. Stealing from my own Idea is allowed.

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