Blue Sky Magic Kingdom: Episode 27

Host – Aaron Rittmaster (AJRitz)
Panel – Dave Compton (Groovertoo); John Thomas (BigTex71)

Episode 27 begins a new series, with the DISDads panel taking a long, wishful thinking, look at the future of the theme parks of Walt Disney World. We begin the episode sharing thoughts about Magic Kingdom attractions that have run their course and probably need to go at some point down the road. Next, we addressed attractions that are in need of major overhauls. Finally, we look to the future with ideas for new attractions for the future of the Magic Kingdom. In the midst of all of that wishful thinking, we take a break for Ten Questions with new panelist Dave Compton.

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One thought to “Blue Sky Magic Kingdom: Episode 27”

  1. Aaron,

    Thank you for presenting my concept. I guess you have my “New” concept.

    If I had been able to be present…

    REMOVE…I guess would have been either…
    A]Jungle Cruise… I believe that Walt’s dream for this attraction has been realized in Kilaminjaro Safaris…though I have an Idea for this in the Animal Kingdom Bluesky.

    B] Stitches Great Escape… OK this attraction has one of my favorite Characters…but it just does not translate well…neither did it’s predicessor. While I do not have as many issues as I have heard about this attraction…it just seems to leave a bad taste in people’s mouths after the experience…and often it has to do with chilli-dogs.

    REFRESH…Tomorrowland…specifically Carosel of Progress.

    OK Tomorrowland is a misnomer…they have actually themed it as a Spaceport…and I think that works…so Rename it Spaceport E-arth (Stitch plug)…and here in is why the Carosel of Progress remains (Aaron)…but gets a major update as a museum for all the “Alien” visitors to our Spaceport. Certainly the CoP needs a Technology over-haul…but they can do that and keep the spirit of Walt’s show…while not having to keep everything…the Story needs to be tweeked…the younger sister from the first scene can return…apparently she was abducted by aliens?

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