DISDads Forums Launched

We’ve been talking about it for months, and they’re finally ready to roll. DISDads.com now has it’s own message boards at http://boards.disdads.com/ (you’ll also find a link in the menu bar above).

A couple of quick notes about the new boards – we are requesting (though not requiring) that you use some form of your real name in your user name, and also that you use a real picture of yourself as your avatar picture. Many of us have met in real life anyway, and my own experience with message boards suggests that using real names and faces helps to keep the discussion more civil.

There are three “basic” forums, to which anyone who registers has access. There are additional forums that you can access by purchasing a paid subscription. There are a variety of subscription levels, as low as $1/year. Higher subscription levels include premium items, like a DISDads.com t-shirt, coffee mug, or button. So come on over and join in the fun!

3 thoughts to “DISDads Forums Launched”

  1. And before I forget to mention it, the DISDads forums are set up for mobile browsing as well. Just install the ForumRunner app for iPhone/iPad or Android and search for DISDads. You should be able to do just about anything on the forums via that app that you can do via a regular web browser. There are some limitations built-into the free version of ForumRunner, but the paid version is only $1.99 from your respective app stores.

  2. The board does not display correctly for me. It’s like the skin is not recognized. Has anyone else had this problem? I tried in both Firefox and IE browsers on my PC.

  3. Don, I think I know what the problem is. I’ve got an add-on that I think was creating the problem. I’ve disabled the add-on. Try it now.

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