You asked for it, so we’re putting it together! It’s early in the process, and there are LOTS of details to work out, but here’s an overview.

When: January 10-14, 2013 (Group rate can be extended up to three-nights on either side of that)

Where: Walt Disney World. Our group block includes 10 rooms at Wilderness Lodge, 10 rooms at Port Orleans-Riverside, and 5 rooms at All-Star Music (we wanted to provide an options at a variety of price points). The number of rooms can be adjusted somewhat based on how booking goes, based on availability.

What: This is still to be determined. We’re looking at a variety of possibilities, including a group meal, group rides, Illuminations or Fantasmic! dessert party – even the possibility of a 9-hole charity golf tournament.

Who: Everyone is welcome! Come solo, maybe find another dad to room with to share costs. Or bring the whole family along – either way we’ll have a great time experiencing Walt Disney World together!

Cost: TBD. Here’s the deal on cost – Disney rates for 2013 have not yet been announced. So we have what amount to “placeholder” rates currently. Our contract will be amended sometime between June and August, when final rates are announced. Here is what we can tell you about cost at this point. You can hold a room as a part of our group reservation with a deposit equal to one-night’s room rate at current-year prices (these are expected to go up somewhat for next year, but we are guaranteed an increase no greater than 10%).
Room Rates: Wilderness Lodge – $218/night. Port Orleans-Riverside – $150.00/night. All-Star Music – $81.00/night. There is an additional charge that applies if more than two adults will be staying in the room. (These room rates are not significantly discounted, but the real savings comes in the eligibility to buy group rate tickets if you’re booked in a group rate room).
Tickets: Again, pricing has not yet been released for 2013, and the savings varies depending on the length of ticket that you buy. A review of prices for this year suggest a savings of about 25% over regular ticket prices. Group tickets also include one free admission to a water park, DisneyQuest, or Disney’s Oak Trail 9-hole golf course (hence the golf tournament idea).

How: Email a Fairytale Journeys by DisDads Travel Agent. We’re all working together on this one, so any of us can help get you booked into our group.

Booking will start to become available in about a week (it will take some time to process the contract). Booking requires a deposit as noted above. Under current Walt Disney World Resort rules, room deposits are fully refundable up to five days prior to arrival. The deadline for room reservations within our block of rooms is December 10, 2012. You’ve got plenty of time to make a decision, but the supply of group rooms is limited, and bookings will be first come-first served. We will attempt to add more rooms to the block if the demand is there, but we can’t guarantee that more group space will be available.

That’s all for now – watch this space for updates and planning. I’m sure we’ll be looking for volunteers to help with some of the organization stuff as we move forward.

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