Top 5 Tuesday: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Attractions

Today we’re going to take a look at the top 5 attractions at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This park tends to be a polarizing one for many WDW fans, but it undoubtably offers an unique experience. We may need to revisit this in 5 years when the Navi take over, but we?ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Without further ado:

5: Finding Nemo- The Musical
Often overlooked, this is one of the most immersive shows at WDW, and they do a great job of bringing you into the show. At about 30 minutes, it’s a longer show, but given that the theater is air-conditioned, it can be the perfect afternoon break on a hot day.

4: Dinosaur
This is a must do if only to see the animatronics Disney put in here. They’re huge. It lacks any drops or twists of your typical thrill ride, but its a fun trip through prehistoric earth. With the addition of #2 on this list, this attraction has lost some buzz over the years, but its still worth a ride on each AK visit.

3: Festival of The Lion King
A great show, that only gets better when you see it through your child’s eyes for the first (or fiffteenth) time. The acrobatics and songs do a great job of getting the kids involved and excited in the show. The costumes and performers make this one of the best shows in any of the parks.

2: Expedition Everest
A terrific roller-coaster with one of the best twists (stop at the top and… BACK UP!) of any coaster around, this is a great ride all-around. The best single-ride addition, in my opinion, at WDW in the past 25 years, misses out on the #1 spot for one reason – Disco Yeti. If you’ve seen the Yeti in action, you can’t help but miss it each time you ride now. There are reports that it was running a few weeks ago when James Cameron visited the park, so perhaps there is hope of fixing the design flaw that has the Yeti in lock-down.

1: Kilimanjaro Safaris
This attraction is the Animal Kingdom. A trip through the enormous safari, with animals that you’d need to travel a half a world away to see outside of WDW, walking around mere feet away from you. This is more of an experience than it is an attraction, and well worth making AK a priority to visit on each trip to WDW. Simba 1 going after the poachers on every trip can get a little stale, but not enough to take away from the ride.

Thoughts on the list? Let us know below!

3 thoughts to “Top 5 Tuesday: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Attractions”

  1. Yup, these are my top 5. I got to be in the Lion King show one year from the audience participant, which was even more cool. But, last time we were there, the smoke really smelled differently at the Lion King and Nemo show. Did they change it? Or, did the smell just get worse over the years like the skunk in Figment of Imagination ride.

  2. The skunk got my wife bad this last time we went. She kept saying all day, “I HATE THAT SKUNK”!!

  3. Good picks! I think I’d go with EE over the Safari. I know the Safari is the original attraction, but I think I just get annoyed with the cliched poacher story. Plus, EE has the best queue in WDW, not to mention the awesome ride!

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