WDW Tours: Podcast Episode 17

Host: Aaron Rittmaster (AJRitz)
Panel: CJ Fragola (cj9200) and Chris Carroll (DisDadDoc)

in Episode 17, we discuss the various guided tour opportunities available at Walt Disney World. The panelists offer detailed descriptions of their tour experiences (especially the Epcot dive tours and Wild Africa Trek at Disney’s Animal Kingdom). Along the way, CJ Fragola took the hotseat to answer the Dis Dads 10 Questions.

For pricing and reservations for guided tours see the Walt Disney World Resort website.

Note: The DiveQuest and Aqua Tour experiences in the Living Seas at Epcot are currently on hiatus, while issues affecting the health of the tank are being addressed.

4 thoughts to “WDW Tours: Podcast Episode 17”

  1. Thanks for the great podcast on tours! Just in case anyone is wondering, if any Disney Segway tour is cut short due to weather, guests are provided a 50% refund. As Chris mentioned, guests still do complete the first hour of Segway training indoors. I’m not a fan of this policy, however, because 50% of even the cheapest Segway tour is more than the $35 they charged for the 1-hour Simply Segway experience. Then again, that may be why they recently discontinued that $35 option.

  2. That’s quite a compliment, coming from a Walt Disney World tour expert! Glad that you enjoyed the show. If we re-visit the topic, maybe you can join us as a special guest 🙂

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