Thursday, September 22 was an Epcot Day. Once again, Miriam and the Kids headed to the park for park opening while I headed to a day of meetings. I had prepared a touring plan for them, but the crowd level at Epcot on that day (according to was a 1.1. That means that attraction wait times were in the lowest 11% of Epcot wait times for the year, and Miriam says that she could tell. The park almost felt empty. They cruised from attraction to attraction with almost no wait. I’ll edit later and add PhotoPass pictures to this post, but they were moving from one attraction to the next so quickly, that Miriam didn’t stop to take pictures. The plan was to attack the West side of the park, but with no lines, there wasn’t much attention paid to the plan. Mikaela LOVES Mission:Space, and Jonathan was excited that he was tall enough to ride this time. Mikaela managed to talk Miriam into going with them on Mission: Space Orange – Miriam immediately texted me that she was never riding that one again!! But Mikaela and Jonathan loved it.

After Mission: Space, Miriam had had enough. The original plan was to meet back up at Epcot after my meetings were done for the day. But they’d stayed longer in Epcot than planned, and by the time my meetings were ending for the day, the kids were still zonked out and napping. September 23 was going to be a long day, so we altered the plans on the fly, and decided to make in an R&R evening. No theme park for me today. 🙁 When they woke up from napping, we took the kids to the pool for an hour and a half or so. Then we got them bathed and just had dinner at the Intermission Food Court (which was better than I expected) and made it an early to bed night. My conference was done, so starting with the morning it would be family vacation time, and we were starting it right with a day at Animal Kingdom and a night at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. While I’m confident that we made the right call, making it an early night, I would come to regret missing out on that evening at Epcot. But now I’m getting ahead of myself again . . .