Monday Poll: Jafar vs. Evil Queen/The Hag | Maleficent vs. Chernabog

The Villains Tournament head-to-head matches continue. Second-seeded male Jafar faces the female third seed, Evil Queen/The Hag. The winner will move on to face the winner of the match between top-seeded female Maleficent and Chernabog, who squeaked-in on a tie-breaker as the fourth-seeded male villain. Please vote for one winner in each matchup – either Jafar OR Evil Queen/The Hag and Maleficent OR Chernabog.

One thought to “Monday Poll: Jafar vs. Evil Queen/The Hag | Maleficent vs. Chernabog”

  1. Well, last week I voted for both of the guys, this week I have to vote for the ladies. The hag and Maleficent are 2 of the most iconic Disney villains there are. Hard to vote against them, even though Chernabog is a classic as well and Jafar is just about as nasty as he can be.

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