Top 5 Tuesday: Past MK Attractions

In honor of The Magic Kingdom’s 40th anniversary over the weekend, this week’s list counts down the top 5 former MK attractions. Closed for various reasons, at various points in the last 40 years, these attractions still resonate with many a WDW fan.

#5 Plaza Swan Boats

Going mostly from pictures and reviews of this ride, as its 1983 closing is a bit distant. A relaxing ride through the canals of the MK just seems like a terrific way to enjoy the park, giving this ride the last spot on the list.

#4 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

I probably remember this ride more for the lines than the actual experience, as it always seemed to take forever to actually get on this ride. Once on though, it was a great trip, leaving the surface of Central Florida and going to the depths of the sea. This ride closed in 1994, without a replacement. I have heard rumors that one of the submarine ships is actually submerged at Castaway Cay for scuba divers and snorkelers to find during their excursions… Can anyone confirm?

#3 If You Had Wings

After watching a video of this on Youtube, I’m slightly afraid that my memory has glorified this ride a bit more than it deserves, but I remember thoroughly enjoying the flight around the world, and the song in particular. Re-themed into If You Could Fly, and then as Delta Dreamflight, the ride was finally closed in 1996 and eventually replaced with Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, giving all the Disdads a chance to be overly competitive in the most Magical place on earth…

#2 Skyway

I always loved the ride in the sky across MK park on the Skyway. It afforded great views of the park, and a fun, if longer, way to get from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland, and vice-versa.  Or maybe I was just lazy… Either way, an unfortunate accident that cost a maintenance worker his life was the death knell for this attraction in 1999.

#1 Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

This was a great dark ride, and unique in that it had 2 separate tracks, so you could get 2 different ride experiences  from it.  Having never seen The Wind in The Willows, Mr. Toad was a completely new story to me, and I only identified with it through this ride. Closed in 1998 to make way for Winnie the Pooh, the new attraction just isn’t the same… Luckily there’s another version of Mr. Toad’s in Disneyland that still exists today.

Thoughts? Comments? Outrage? Let us know below.

4 thoughts to “Top 5 Tuesday: Past MK Attractions”

  1. There IS a submarine from the 20,000 Leagues ride submerged at Castaway Cay! Very nice touch.

    Speaking of that ride, I’d definitely give it the nod over If You Had Wings. The song from IYHW was almost as headache-inducing as IASW!

    Great call on Mr. Toad. Not a big fan of the Pooh ride…If nothing else, Mr. Toad was really memorable for its ending, which I never dreamed I’d see in a Disney park!

  2. I never saw the Swan Boats, since my first trip was in 1985, but I have to agree with the rest of the list. I loved Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Pooh isn’t a bad ride, but did they really have to get ride of Mr. Toad to add it?

    It looks like we’ll soon be bumping the Swan Boats from the list when Snow White closes.

  3. While I went to Disney several times in my childhood I don’t really remember any of these other than the Skyway. To this day if anyone in my family brings up amusement park rides my dad will bring up Mr Toads. He loved that ride. I’m looking forward to riding it at DL so that hopefully I can experience why he loves it so much.

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