Monday Poll: The Villains Tournament Begins!

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Parties start this week, so it’s time to start talking about Disney Villains. This week’s poll begins a multi-week Villains Tournament series of polls. Vote for your three favorite male villains this week. Next week, we’ll have the female villains preliminary round. After that, we’ll begin head-to-head polls to whittle it down to the all-time favorite Disney Villain! Defend your selections in the Comments below, and you’ll automatically be entered in a drawing for a $25 gift certificate to the House of Blues in Downtown Disney. (One comment per person will be counted as an entry. Feel free to make mulitple comments, but you’ll still only be entered in the drawing once).

11 thoughts to “Monday Poll: The Villains Tournament Begins!”

  1. Chernabog is the all time Villian. He truely is the Bad A of the entire gruop of Males. Scar runs a close second. Killed his brother for crying out loud! But its like asking who would win in a fight Superman or Capt America. They are both kick butt but who is the bigger butt kicker?

  2. Have to agree with prattpak, Chernabog is Awesome! I have to go with Hades next, as he actually did depose Zeus for a small amount of time. Dr. F gets the next vote, because he has 1) Rhythm, 2) snazzy dresser, and 3) he has friends on the other side!

  3. I am also in agreeance about Scar, but come on Hook lost his hand for goodness and kept ticking. With Jafar, he is simply a bad-@$$. Nothing else needed in his defense… HAHA

  4. Scar…Killed his Brother…framed his Nephew…gave his Nephew major issues…all while being surrounded by Idiots.

    Jafar…smooth and sophisticated Evil…even scored a little lip action with Jasmine.

    Black Sta…ummm I mean… Capt. Hook… This guy is Evil…got a hook for a hand…and threatens little children for fun…all while keeping a big crock at bay.

  5. Captain Hook: First of all… my all time favorite Disney animated movie is Peter Pan. Secondly, Hook is just awesome. I watch Jake and The Neverland Pirates, just so I can see Hook and Smee.

    Chernabog: Big, mean, epic villain. Enough said.

    Jafar: If that dude ain’t evil, I don’t know what is.

    I know it is impossible to catch ALL the male villains, but I’m going to give an honorable mention to Randall from Monsters Inc. He’s always been a villain that I enjoy.

  6. Went with

    1) Dr Hook – he is the quintessential Disney bad boy. Even thinking about villains as a child, Hook is the first name that comes to mind. His constant struggles with Pan and the Croc, keep me laughing at his mishaps to this day.
    2) Jafar – this dude is just creepy. He does, however, have amazingly kept facial hair. Not to mention that he also has to keep constant companionship listening to Gilbert Godfrey.
    3) Dr. Facilier – this guy instantly became a cool cat in my book. Growing up in the south, and traveling to Nola many, many times, I can relate with him. Sure, I don’t have “friends on the other side,” but I do love Cajun food. That counts right?

  7. I voted for Chernabog – a classic and the baddest of the bad; Jafar – insidiously evil; and Hades – gotta love mythological evil. I have to admit that I don’t understand the love for Hook as a villain. Sure, he’s a bad guy. But I’ve always seen him as too much of a buffoon to be a true villain. When I’m picking my favoriate villain, I’m looking for the guys who send chills up your spine (and writing that, I’m regretting a bit not casting a vote for Dr. Facilier). Hook is more often there to provide comic relief.

  8. I voted Hook #1 because he is the ultimate villain He terrifies a whole island with his hook and his thugs. Prince John is a good 2 For being weak and scared he has all the power and does whatever he can to keep it. Lastly Dr. F. Matt said it best “because he has 1) Rhythm, 2) snazzy dresser, and 3) he has friends on the other side!”

  9. I voted for Hook, so I’m obviously a little bit partial to a villain that provides a little bit of comedy but that said…

    How has nobody mentioned Doofenschmirtz yet????

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