8 thoughts to “What are you planning to do with the Labor Day long-weekend?”

  1. End of the summer BBQ and pool party at the house. relaxing if the wife is gone, if not then Im sure to be busy around the house! heheh

  2. DD’s 1st birthday and party on Saturday. Two fantasy football drafts on Sunday. Recovery on Monday…

  3. Saturday I will either be going to West Lafayette, or be glued on the couch watching the opening weekend of college football.

    Monday we might take a trip to the zoo… otherwise, relaxing and doing work around the house.

  4. After a week that included an earthquake, tornadoes and a hurricane, I’m planning on sitting on my big rear end all weekend and watching football!

  5. Our Saturday and Sunday are going to filled with soccer and hopefully watching some college football. Monday is a big day for us. A local association does their big annual ACS charity event, Zoostock. Ten bands, lots to do for the kids and EVERY dollar raised goes to the American Cnacer Society. This year, Kaylee is going to be the first person to donate her hair to Locks of Love during the event. I will be sure to post some pics from the day.

  6. It’s my birthday on Sunday, so we’re planning on driving back to my parents’ house Saturday and spend the rest of the weekend with them. That’s if I can actually swing the days off.

  7. Largest flea market on the east coast in Hillsville, VA on Saturday. I’ve got Monday off so that will probably be a yard work day.

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