Top 5 Tuesday: MK Attractions… At Night

Today’s Top 5 come to us from trennr;

Top 5 Attractions at the Magic Kingdom…at night.

This is the first in a series of my Favorite Rides at night.  We all have our favorite attractions, but sometimes those rides have different “Magic” when it is nighttime.  We all love Wishes, the Parades (Spectromagic more than Main Street Electrical Parade for myself.), and seeing Cinderella’s Castle glistening at night. Here are my favorite rides at night in the Magic Kingdom.

5. Tomorrowland Transit Authority

The TTA is a favorite escape for many.  I find it a place to just relax and enjoy a peaceful tour of Tomorrowland.  When you take this ride at night you get the bonus of the wonderful lighting that is Tomorrowland.  I guess my favorite part is the trip through Space Mountain.  With your eyes already adjusted to the dark…you can see a little bit more inside. So just sit back…relax and enjoy your nighttime tour.

4. Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain

Yes…that’s 2…but it’s my list…so call it “4A” and “4B”… If you are a fan of these rides…you must experience them at night. These rides have a totally different experience at night…the absence of the sunlight just adds to the excitment…the Imagineered lighting they have for both rides is just awesome at night. You also get some awsome views of a certain Castle glowing in the distance…These are some of the Wildest Nightitme Rides in the Wilderness…and Pretty Good Sure as You’re Born!

3. Astro Orbiter

Yes that’s right…I put a “spinny ride” in my Top 5.  You simply will not believe the views from this ride (and platform) when you get there.  The Castle, Main Street, Space Mountain, the Contemporary Resort…all shining with radiant magic. This is one Spinny Ride you’ll wish would last a little longer.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean

I realize this ride is inside and underground…so why is it better at night? Well it all starts outside…Adventureland changes at night…has a certain daunting feel to it…then you take that feeling with you into the tunnel to board your boat…you might be wondering…do dead men really tell no tales???

1. The Haunted Mansion

As you approach the Haunted Mansion looming in the distance…you hear the wolf howl…you get that forboding feeling in your stomach and your thinking…”OK…is this really a place I want to go into?”  Heck Yeah!!!   Just like the POTC this inside ride is better at night because of the experience outside…you take the eerie feeling from outside…inside to the stretching room and on into your Doom Buggy. Nighttime makes those creeps a little more creepy.  Hurry baaack…be sure to bring your Death Certificate.

So that’s my short list…trust me it was hard to pick only 5 (6).  Be sure and tell us your favorite Nighttime Attractions at the Magic Kingdom.

7 thoughts to “Top 5 Tuesday: MK Attractions… At Night”

  1. Good list, Nate!

    I can’t really disagree with anything you have listed. I’ve never done Astro Orbiter at night… in fact I haven’t done Astro Orbiter since I was probably 8 years old. I might need to make it a point to hit that one up.

    Personally, I love the Mountains in Frontierland at night. Especially during the fireworks.

  2. I LOVE Astro Orbiter at night. I don’t normally like spinny rides at all. But I took DS on the Astro Orbiter during MNSSHP, and the view is just beautiful (even if it is spinning past you).

  3. Speaking of spinny rides – Dumbo is pretty cool at night as well. Seeing Fantasyland and the castle all lit up. And since by that time most people are staking out spots for the fireworks and parades, Fantasyland is pretty empty.
    I’ll have to make sure to do Astro Orbiter at night next time. It sounds like quite an experience!

  4. Awesome list Nate!

    I must admit that I haven’t done too many night rides as we are rarely there that late with the girls being so young, but this gives me something to look forward to the next time we go to find a new magical experience.

  5. Nate, these all sound really awesome.

    I’m with Brian–haven’t really been there at night yet, thanks to early bedtimes for the little guys. This must change, obviously.

  6. I really like BTMRR at night, particularly during the Wishes. Coming up over a hill or around a corner right as a firework explodes in front of you is a great experience.

  7. I too love the Mountians at night. The lighting and effects at night totally change the ride for me. The view of the castle from Splash Mtn. is amazing too. Another place I love watching wishes is from the Swiss family tree. Great view if you can get to the right “landing” on it. NO ONE IN YOUR WAY!!

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