Monday Poll: What are your favorite Magic Kingdom snacks?

Given the following the Dole Whip has among the Dis Dads, I figured this one would be more interesting if you got to pick two. So have at it. What are your favorite Magic Kingdom Snacks? Sadly, my son’s favorite, the Itzakadoozie, has disappeared from the Magic Kingdom since last year’s trip. Tell us about your favorites in the comments.

11 thoughts to “Monday Poll: What are your favorite Magic Kingdom snacks?”

  1. Ill pick 2….2 Mickey head ice creams….TO GO PLEASE!!! My favorite and my son’s favorite. Nothing like one of those on a hot day. Dole whips are the bomb as well and a staple here on the Disdads!!

  2. Dole Whip Float, duh.
    My other pick was a Rice Krispie treat. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten one from the Bakery, but I have gotten them other places on property. The chocolate/frosting covering is fantastic.

    AJ – As of the end of June, they still had Itzakadoozies in the dessert cooler at Mickey’s Backyard BBQ.

  3. Dole Whips…naturally.

    I went with the funnel cake as my other choice. But I loved the cinnamon buns from the Main St. bakery as well.

  4. Dole whip of course. A must for the family is a fresh hot cinamon roll from the mainstreet bakery right when we get into the park. It is our morning must every day at MK. Also gotta love the chocolate dipped rice crispy bars.

  5. Barry – that’s interesting about Itzakadoozie’s at the Backyard BBQ. I know they’re gone from the Magic Kingdom (I’ve seen a photo of the new ice cream cart sign, where they’ve been replaced). I seem to recall seeing something on the boards about Nestle deciding not to make them anymore, but I can’t seem to find a specific reference. I’ll keep my eyes open – I think I have a quest for our September trip!

  6. can I ask Why Churros did not make this list???????????
    the Dole whip has my first but the Churro is right there

  7. DisneyDadC – sorry about forgetting the churro! It was on my initial list. Looks like I just missed it when I was entering options. Oops.

  8. Churros are awesome! Last time we were at The Laugh Floor, they announced that our friend Kris was buying everyone churros after the show…….he never did, cheapskate!!!

  9. Went with the Mickey bar because it is delicious (and it is shaped like Mickey).

    I’ve never tried the Dole Whips before, but I finally tried pineapple whips (same basic idea, pineapple flavored ice cream) at the county fair this summer and I actually liked them. The idea of pineapple flavored ice cream never appealed to me until I saw all the DIS Dads raving about it, but I do enjoy it and I think the Dole Whip could edge out the ice cream bar once I get one.

  10. Sadly, I’ve never eaten a Dole Whip. I guess one day I’ll break down and try one.

    I voted for popcorn and Mickey Bars. Had turkey legs been an option, I would replace Mickey Bars with that. I love the turkey legs in the world.

  11. Went with the masses and picked Dole Whip and Mickey Bar… Only thing odd about that is the fact that I have a minor alergic reaction to chocolate, so 99.726% of days of the year, I avoid all forms of it like the plague; The exception is once a year when I get a Mickey Bar at the MK… Hurts like heck for a couple hours afterwards, but Mmmmm….

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