Top 5 Tuesday: In Park Breaks

So, welcome to the next installment of the Top 5 Tuesday. Today I, middlepat, will provide our top 5 “In Park” rest spots for those times when your 2 year old / 38 year old needs some down time to recharge those batteries. Here are the rules for this week’s top 5…

Rule #1: The spot has to allow for some down time / quiet time where you can relax.

Rule #2: It has to be inside the gates of one of the 4 parks.

So without further ado…

#5 Tower of Terror (oops wrong list) Muppet Vision 3D: When in the Studios and the heat is turned up / you need to rest a bit, we find that Muppet Vision 3D is the best place to find a cool place to sit back for the duration of the show. The reason this lands at #5 is because the attraction is so good, its sometimes not as relaxing, because of the glorious 3 hour finale “A Salute to All Nations, But Mostly America”.

#4 Spaceship Earth: I’m not sure what it is about Dame Judy Dench’s voice, but 30 seconds into this ride and I find my head starts bobbing. Fortunately for me, her voice had the same effect on my youngest daughter when we were last at the World. We would settle into the Omnimover car and just let the worries of WDW float away.

#3 It’s A Small World: WHAT???? REALLY????? Actually, yes. This is my list so deal… But seriously, if you are able to block out the music, I’ve found that this is one of the best spots in the Magic Kingdom to veg out and relax with the kids. The slow moving boat gives a nice little rock and I find it rather soothing (for the kids). The other nice benefit is that you can get some of the A/C and interior ride during those hot days in Orlando.

#2 Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover: First of all, is there ever a wait time for this? Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a line for this ride. This is one of the best features for this list as when you need that decompressing time, the last thing you want is a 40 minute wait time. Of course, once you get on you get the combination of motion and breeze. A beautiful pairing in the Orlando heat. Also the kids get to curl up to you on the ride car and you all can just relax and recharge.

#1 Ellen’s Energy Adventure: 45 minute, dark ride, moving theater seating… need I say more? OK, so there’s the occasional dinosaur…no not from the ride…. but seriously I can’t ever recall going on this attraction where I didn’t fall asleep. The ride vehicles also are a great draw for this list as you can have a couple of kids rest on either side of you and be able to get that much needed catnap in the middle of EPCOT.

So I’m sure that there are elements to this list that you either agree or disagree with so tells what you think in the comments and let us get to know you as a DisDad.

14 thoughts to “Top 5 Tuesday: In Park Breaks”

  1. Great list.

    I would add Hall of Presidents/The American Adventure to that list. Those are two “rest stop” staples in our family. Both kids usually sleep through the shows and the wife and I sometimes follow suit. LOL

    If you can time it right, the ride in Mexico Pavillion (whatever they’re calling it these days), is a good cooling off ride. It’s not long, but at certain times, you can keep riding without getting off.

  2. Bonus Fact for #2 (TTA PeopleMover): you don’t even have to climb stairs to it. Just stand on the moving sidewalk/ramp!

    What about Animal Kingdom? Surely, there must be something there that counts as an in park break. Festival of the Lion King? The A/C is nice, but some backs on those bleachers would be welcomed.

  3. Cant beleive that “Living with the Land” didnt make it on here! I know its a very overlooked ride. But its 15-20 minutes of my shoes off and sometime (yes I have) a short nap. Its air conditioned and is a nice slow ride.

  4. I agree with Mark. Living with the Land is a staple of air-conditioned comfort. I can’t believe that one whole park missed out on this list! Where’s Animal Kingdom? I find that the Finding Nemo musical is a great place to sit down and relax for 30 minutes of air-conditioned comfort. And the show isn’t bad either!

  5. A lot of good additions here. Keep them coming.

    I also like Living with the Land and this actually ended at #6 on my list.

    I guess for us we’ve never stayed at AK for more than a half day so I admit I haven’t had to think about that park for a mid-day break.

  6. If I had to pick a good resting attraction in AK, it would be Nemo. The air-conditioned theater feels like a meat locker compared to the rest of AK.

  7. #1 is the ONLY ride I’ve ever fallen asleep on. The rest of them at least keep my interest enough to keep me awake. They do make for a nice relaxing break from the heat though. Good list.

  8. Great list! I like the carousel of progress and hall of presidents in MK, I do actually enjoy both shows, but they’re also good for catching a nap, or at least relaxing with the kids.

  9. Rod, you named the two attractions I have never made it through WITHOUT falling asleep – Hall of Presidents and Carousel of Progress.

    Some other nap-inducing spots for me, if I need a bit of rest: Muppets 3D (DHS), The Little Mermaid show (DHS), The American Adventure (Epcot), Living with the Land (Epcot), The Circle of Life movie (Epcot), Ellen’s Energy Adventure (Epcot), a bench in Innoventions (Epcot), Nemo musical (AK), Philharmagic (MK), Country Bear Jamboree (MK).

  10. It is if you need a nap.

    Honestly, it isn’t bad. It starts off with Ellen playing Jeopardy and Bill Nye comes in to teach her about energy. It really is a good show/ride to see, although a bit dated. The dinosaur animatronics are pretty cool to see.

  11. Good choices, Brian, even with your irrational love for all things IASW. I think the TTA might be my favorite way to sit and rest. It’s nice to keep moving and have the scenery change while you’re sitting back. Plus, you can scout the lines for some of the other rides.

    I also used the Great Movie Ride for this exact purpose on our last trip. We needed a cool place to go and had some time to kill. My daughter and I stepped off the ride when it was over and basically said, “Well, at least it was air-conditioned.”

  12. Youngest screamed and cried during the Hall of Presidents, so no rest there. DW loves Innovations to sit in the cool dark area, while I takes the kids around. Our last day at the world last year had a line for TTA, I couldn’t believe it. I know it was a Saturday, but the previous Sat we rode half the park by 12pm. I vote TTA, Living with the Land, and used to love sitting near Aunt Polly’s on Tom Sawyer Island, in the covered area. Grab an ice cream, and watch the world go by.

  13. I would vote for The Carousel of Progress, Hall of Presidents, Little Mermaid, The American Adventure, Finding Nemo and Ellens Energy Adventure

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