Disney or bust?

My family just returned from an 11-day road trip through the Rust Belt of the U.S. (Western PA, Ohio, Indiana, Chicago, Kentucky, West Virginia).  We had a fantastic time, got to see a great deal of famous sights in the country, and it had nothing whatsoever to do with Walt Disney World. (Sacrilege!)

[Shameless plug: Trip Report coming soon on disboards.com]

We’ve long had a desire to take our kids to see the country and all that it has to offer, and have never had the desire to do the exact same trip year after year.  Variety is the spice of life, right?  Not to mention the fact that driving and staying in budget hotels is slightly more wallet-friendly than your average Disney trip.

But when I got back home, I was struck by the number of friends who looked at me like I had antennae growing out of my head when I recounted my trip…”You drove for how long?”  “You took the KIDS with you?”  Etc., etc.

The Great American Road Trip used to be a staple of family life.  Judging from the reactions of my friends, it might be going on life support.  With gas prices skyrocketing over the last few years, and many of us jumping on board the DVC (or other time-share) bandwagon, I thought I’d pose the question here: Is the road trip a thing of the past?  Given our limited vacation time, would you rather go with a known quantity like Disney every year, or do you want some variety in your travels?

4 thoughts to “Disney or bust?”

  1. As long as I can buy gas (and coolant) for my van, the road trip will be kept alive in my household. Sure, we probably fly to as many vacations as we drive to, but those are destination vacations. Go somewhere, do things, come home.
    With a road trip, the journey is the destination. Stopping here and there, checking out new and different things. Human history is filled with tales of people setting out to explore strange new worlds.
    Columbus found a new world.
    Armstrong found the moon.
    The FreezinRafiki Family found Lynn’s Paradise Cafe. 🙂

  2. Am I allowed to answer this?

    Given my current (yet slowly developing) trip report, I would also fall into the Great American / Canadian Road Trip camp.

    Added to the list…. Slaughter Beach and Killing Pond. (What is it with those Delawarians?)

  3. I like to think the road trip is still alive. It is hard to allow a lot of time to explore places between point A and point B with limited vacation time though. I still enjoy the drive and seeing the scenery along the way.

  4. Barry: I would argue that Lynn’s Paradise Cafe is equally as important a discovery.

    Brian: Given your recent trip, I would think you’d be in favor of the road trip. But it’s KILLENS Pond. Completely different. And don’t forget the Murderkill River.

    Andy: I usually enjoy the drive, too. Great to see different parts of the country.

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