Monday Poll: What’s the best choice the day after an especially late night at WDW?

How do you handle the morning after? Summer nights with Extra Magic Hours until 3:00 a.m. and fall/winter party nights that end around midnight always beg the question, what do we do tomorrow? Vote in the poll on the right, and tell us in the Comments how you and your family handles the morning after a late night at Walt Disney World.

7 thoughts to “Monday Poll: What’s the best choice the day after an especially late night at WDW?”

  1. My family LOVES the late EMHs…and we stay until we are thrown out. We sleep in and get to the parks late. In all my trips I’ve been to 1 rope drop (MK 2010)…gotten there at the close of 2 other rope drop ceremonies (Epcot 2007, MK 2005)

  2. We love to plan the Character breakfasts the day after. We usually try to plan them for 9am so we can sleep in a little bit but get going to the breakfast experience. Doing this helps the kids shrug off the night before and get refueled before we hit the parks again.

  3. I went with rope drop… but that is how I would do it. DW would vote for sleep in and hit the parks late… but then again that is our conflict over starting the day whether it is after a late night or not.

  4. Wish I could sleep in, but it just never seems to happen. Always feel like I’m missing out on too much!

  5. well since we just did this last week I would say I can speak in on this..We stayed in park till it closed and then some lol 3am. Then next day we just relaxed around the resort pool,game room,activity center etc. Then we hit a park in the pm. My kids really enjoyed the laid back approach!
    I know this doesnt fit others but this was the most relaxed vacation I have had at Disney in a long time,and the family really enjoyed it.

  6. My kids can’t handle the late hours yet…and they’re always up around 6:00 a.m. (6:30 if they’re sleeping in). So rope drop it is!

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