Monday Poll: Which DVC resort are you most interested in?

Whether or not you are a current Disney Vacation Club owner, which DVC resorts are you most interested in (you can pick 2)? Tell us why you are interested in those resorts in the comments below, and you’ll be automatically entered in a random drawing for a $25 gift certificate for Il Mulino New York Trattoria restaurant in the Walt Disney World Swan.

Only one entry is permitted per person (if you comment more than once, you still only get one chance to win). The drawing will take place at midnight on July 18, 2011. If the winner does not respond to their award notification within 48 hours, a new winner will be selected. No purchase necessary to enter – just your comment.

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19 thoughts to “Monday Poll: Which DVC resort are you most interested in?”

  1. I’m most interested in Wilderness Lodge Villas. I just love the theming of that resort. My other pick is quite a bit tougher and I’m kind of up in the air between a few different options, but I’ll have to go with Bay Lake Tower. I thought about BCV and BWV due to their proximity to EPCOT and DHS, but I’ve always loved the Contemporary and I still love the magic of the Magic Kingdom area and the proximity to it.

  2. My two would be the Contemporary, due to it being so close to the MK and having the monorail and then I would have to choose the family suite at All Star Music due to having a family of five. I’d like to stay in both of those hotels when I go back with the family.

  3. Mine would be Boardwalk hands down! The theming and the location are just AMAZING. I have seen pictures of the Villas and the water view rooms and I would love to own/stay here. We have discussed buying into DVC and my wife and I both agree that BWV is the place we would.

  4. I went with my favorite themes: Wilderness Lodge (surprise!) and Animal Kingdom Lodge. Those are the resorts I’d most want to spend my time in.

  5. Though we are not DVC owners we have tossed the idea around. We like Bay Lake Tower for its modern design and proximity to the Magic Kingdom. Second on the list would be Boardwalk just because I think it has a certain charm.

  6. Mine would be Old Key West and Beach Club. Since I’m a land-locked soul I yearn for the sun and the sand. ‘Beverly’ I didn’t put in my vote in for OKW though!

  7. I love the location of the Beach club villas and the Boardwalk villas.We like do do Epcot a lot and being able to walk into 2 theme parks is a great plus. We have a very relaxed touring style and spend a lot of time back at the resort. Saying that beach club has an awesome pool followed by the clown slide at Boardwalk. Boardwalk also has some cool entertainers at night. Though I love my home resort of Sarratoga I try to stay at the Boardwalk. another thing I would say is each resort kind of has its own perks,so depending on when you go and how you tour would depend on where to stay.

  8. We own at AKL and VGC but I am really jonesing for the rumored Grand Floridian property. After staying at the GF in March I just can’t imagine wanting to stay anywhere else again, it was the most magical experience ever. To be ale to use points (at a more reasonable rate than we can now) would be so wonderful. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

  9. Not an owner…but do allot of thinking and study about DVC.

    I voted for :
    1] Bay Lake Tower… Monorail…Magic Kingdom.
    2] Saratoga Springs… Chose this one for the price vs fees…seems to balance out as the most affordable over time.

    Animal Kingdom gets an honorable mention.

  10. OKW – I’ve loved it since we bought in back in ’97. The space of the rooms and the laid back atmosphere just relaxes me to no end. But for a quick and easy walk to MK, you can’t beat BLT. Walk over, take in some attractions, back to villa for lunch and some pool time, walk back to MK in the evening and you’re back home before most have even gotten on their bus.

  11. I am most interested in Kidani Village and Bay Lake Towers. Everything about Kidani Village is so interesting with the animals and the intricate African theming! The art work there is amazing! Bay Lake Towers is second for me because of the proximity to Magic Kingdom.

    “The Disney Fanatic”

  12. We own at BWV and love it. The evening entertainment and the short walk to Epcot make it a perfect place to stay. I would love to visit DL and so a stay at VGC would be perfect.

  13. Bay Lake Tower – being so close the Magic Kingdom makes it a great place to stay.

    Boardwalk – the proximity to Epcot is great, and being right there on the Boardwalk makes for great evening entertainment and dining options.

    The new Grand Floridian DVC sounds like a great place, but my dream DVC would be a DVC property at the Polynesian.

  14. We aren’t owners – yet….

    But I believe we would be torn between 2.

    At this stage in our life – Bay Lake Tower would be perfect for us with its proximity to Magic Kingdom. A big plus for my two little girls.

    For 20 years from now when we’re empty nesters – Boardwalk would be perfect with it’s walking distance to EPCOT and World Showcase…plus the charm of the Boardwalk to walk at night.

  15. I went with Wilderness Lodge and Bay Lake Towers. Wilderness Lodge would be my first choice, because I love the theming and the overall feel of the resort. Plus, I may be weird, but I love the boat ride over to MK in the morning. My second choice would be Bay Lake Towers. I don’t really love the theming and decor, but it’s hard to beat being across the street from MK.

  16. I chose Animal Kingdom and Bay Lake Tower. Animal Kingdom because I can imagine nothing better than waking up every morning in the comfort of a hotel with an africa safari right out the window. Bay Lake Tower because the conveniance of monorail, view of the fireworks, and the fact that the contemporary was the hotel that I stayed at as a kid. If there was a 3rd choice mine would have been Wilderness Lodge, I am a big Christmas person and I can imagine no better place to celebrate christmas(that tree looks HUGE)

  17. We own at Saratoga and love it. It’s nice and quiet and a quick walk or boat ride over to Downtown Disney for shopping or dinner. We’re looking forward to venturing over to Wilderness Lodge; it looks very relaxing!

  18. And . . . we have a winner! scott2997 won our drawing. I’ll send an Email to Scott. If he doesn’t reply within 48 hours, we’ll draw another winner. Thanks everyone for your comments so far. The giveaway is done, but you’re welcome to continue to share your DVC interests.

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