4 thoughts to “Monday Poll: What grade do you give Cars 2?”

  1. Finally got to see this last night with the family. I gave Cars 2 an “A”. Mater was terrific in his “star turn”. I continue to LOVE all of the little details the Pixar animators sneak into background shots (did anyone else catch the movie that was playing at the Radiator Springs Drive-In at the beginning of the movie? Or “Gastow’s” restaurant in Paris?). And I really enjoyed how they worked in more of the other modes of transportation – the planes and the boats. It also managed to get solid votes of approval from both DS4 (who was excited to go see it) and DD8 (who was a bit reluctant).

  2. Well, I was too late for the weekly poll, but I did finally see it this weekend. I give it an A. I liked the original Cars better, and I can’t disagree with the critics in the regards that it maybe isn’t as good as some of the other Pixar movies, but it is still a solid A and a movie that I will watch again… and again…. and again on DVD.

    Did that movie make anyone else hungry for some pistachio ice cream?

  3. I would give it a solid B or B+.

    I did notice one of the sponsor banners on one of the Grand Prix tracks was Lasse Tire – in homage to ‘the man’ John Lasseter, I am sure. 🙂

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