Monday Poll: What should be the next major refurb/addition to Disney’s Hollywood Studios?

In honor of DHS Awareness Week, now that Star Tours 2.0 is up and running, what should be next for Disney’s Hollywood Studios? What does the park still need? All of these poll possibilities have been rumored to be in the works, to a greater or lesser extent, at one time or another. Tell us why you chose what you chose in the Comments, or tell us about another option that would be even better than the ones listed in the poll.

13 thoughts to “Monday Poll: What should be the next major refurb/addition to Disney’s Hollywood Studios?”

  1. I voted for the Marvel Land – although it probably has the least chance of happening. Despite owning the characters, Universal Studios stills holding the licensing rights and I’m sure the lawyers made sure that no other theme park in the Central Florida area can have those characters. Another problem: DHS is pretty locked in by Buena Vista Dr to the North and World Drive to the West. The only leave expansion to the East (where it’s existing parking lot is) or the south (which currently has it’s main entrance and what appears to be woodlands and a waterway.
    Buuuuuuuuttttt, if Disney’s lawyers and Imagineering teams can figure out a way to get past those two hurdles, and entirely new land holds so many possibilities in the way of attractions, shows, dining…

  2. As I understand it, Universal’s rights to Marvel characters are limited to those characters currently represented by attractions in place at the time of the rights sale to Disney. That means Disney couldn’t use Spider-Man, Green Goblin, Doctor Doom, Hulk, Magneto, or Storm. The status of characters on restaurants is less clear, but to be safe, we can assume that the rest of the Fantastic 4 and Captain America are out too. But Disney is free to use a whole host of charcters with recently released or coming soon movies, including Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Daredevil, Elektra, and Ghost Rider. The other characters will become available eventually. Again, as I understand it, Universal only retains the right to use what they’re using as long as they remain in continuous use.

    One possibility for a Marvel expansion would be for it to occupy what remains of the Backlot Tour space, given that the “working studio” concept has been – for all intents and purposes – dead for some time now, and has been replaced by more of a Hollywood Blockbusters theme.

  3. Maybe an indoor dark coaster based on the world of Tron (the newer Tron:Legacy style.)
    Or a coaster based on Monsters, Inc – the door storage area chase scene.

  4. I went with the update to the Great Movie Ride. I thoroughly enjoy this ride, but there are over 20 years worth of movies, some of which are worthy of being there, that have no real representation. I love seeing the old classics, but maybe a new scene or 2 from some more modern movies could make it a little less stale and more relevant.

    That said, DHS really needs some help, and I had a hard time selecting something to vote for since I didn’t see an “all of the above” option. If Cars land would have been an option, I would have voted for it. I don’t know if it is a real rumor or not, but I think it would make an excellent family oriented addition to that park that might help spread the crowds a bit more.

  5. I think that Hollywood Studios needs an audience participation show that is broadcast live weekly from the park!

  6. What about Cars Land. I think this would be a great way to add some more Pixar influence in the Studios while also catering to the boys better.

  7. I voted for the Monster Inc. Coaster…but I would also like to see a Muppet Themed Resturant. Also think if they make a Star Wars Themed Resturant.

    Also maybe expand Pixar Place into the Backlot area (Including LMA) and add the Monsters Inc Coaster… Carland…

    Replace the Indana Jones Show with a Ride. The Not So Great Movie Ride, and Voyage of the Little Mermaid shows can go and or be replaced…or updated?

  8. Selfishly, I’d LOVE to see an Indiana Jones ride. But I think the biggest need for DHS is another ride that the whole family can enjoy. That would ease the demand for TSMM and Star Tours. So I voted for the Monsters Inc. ride. But CarsLand would be great here, and I like BigTex’s TRON idea too.

  9. I believe that dhs needs more attractions to help ease the waits at TSM. Monsters Inc would be great there

  10. DHS needs an overhaul much like DCA is going through. A Cars Land would be great. A Star Wars Cantina restaurant would be cool. Take out the Indy Show and add the Indy ride like at DL. Move Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream to where Sounds Dangerous is, get rid of Narnia and put in a Monster’s Inc ride. If MK is going to keep the MSEP there, move Spectromagic over to DHS. More Pixar character meets would be cool, like the Incredibles, Bugs Life, etc…

  11. Definitely agree that the Studios need a complete overhaul. A lot of it is stale. Backlot Tour is boring, Great Movie Ride is 20 years old, and even Lights! Motors! Action is starting to lose steam.

    I voted for Great Movie Ride updates because I think this would be the easiest thing to do at the current time.

    The Monsters, Inc. door ride has been rumored for a long time and I think I’d love to see that, just to give DHS one more ride to suck people away from RnR and Toy Story.

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