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Walt Disney World:  April 28, 1997 – “King Stefan’s Banquet Hall”, located inside Walt Disney World’s Cinderella’s Castle is officially renamed “Cinderella’s Royal Table”

Disneyland:  April 28, 2006 – Disney’s California Adventure premieres the first ever “California Food & Wine Weekends”, based on the great success of the annual Food & Wine Festival at Epcot each fall. 

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  1. King Stefan’s never really made sense to me. It’s Cinderella’s castle, but King Stefan was Princess Aurora’s father. Although, I have a feeling Stopher may have some insight into why it was called that in the first place. 🙂

  2. It never made sense to me either. Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland does not have a restaurant inside, as it is much smaller. When it was originally built it was actually a hollow shell, that was later opened up and finished with a walk-thru diorama attraction telling the story of Sleeping Beauty in 1957.

    When they were building Magic Kingdom and designed Cinderella Castle, the imagineers wanted a medieval interior for the castle, despite the fact that Cinderella is not set in the same medieval or renaissance time period as Sleeping Beauty is. Hence the look that it has inside with the flying buttresses, huge banners, beams and such even though it doesn’t quite work as well with the “correct” story. It certainly is more appropriate and story consistent to have the princess “occupant” of the castle match the restaurant as it has since 1997.

  3. I suspect most people would have been like me and said, “Who the heck is King Stefan?”

  4. Can alwyas count on Stopher to enlighten us on the Disney Trivia. I love stuff like that…Atta boy Stoph!!

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