8 thoughts to “Monday Poll: What are your Memorial Day Weekend Plans?”

  1. Hoping to have the pool opened in time for the weekend. Usually open it on that saturday so its open for Monday. We will have family over and BBQ up some burgers and brats.

  2. Hopefully working on the farm (weather permitting) and if we aren’t working on Sunday I’ll be at the 100th anniversary of the Indianapolis 500.

  3. Voted other…as in my family we don’t plan that far ahead.

    We do have Season passes to Dollywoods Splash Country…and we might hit that park. If I do…I would do a mini report…but it’s not that camera friendly…not the water…the people. ;o)

  4. A buddy of mine is coming into town for the weekend to visit me and the family. We’ll hit up the Pirates movie, Nashville Nightlife, then just chill the rest of the time.

  5. Soccer tournament for my boys in the Poconos and maybe a few adult beverages at the hotel…..

  6. We’ve got a busy weekend – hoping that the weather clears up like it’s supposed to. We’ll probably head out to Worlds of Fun at least once this weekend. We’d like to go out there for a while on Saturday, but weather may preclude it. Saturday night DW and I are going out to dinner for a delayed anniversary celebration. Sunday is the annual pool party/cookout at our friends’ house that’s become sort of the official beginning of summer for us. Weather is supposed to clear up for Sunday and Monday, so Monday is the day we’ll probably spend at WoF, followed by dinner with extended family at my Aunt & Uncle’s.

  7. I’ll be painting the bathroom (Caribbean Beach theme) and then listening to the greatest spectacle in racing.

  8. I am working at a NASCAR race that occurs in my town of Concord, NC every memorial day.

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