4 thoughts to “Monday Poll: Favorite Magic Kingdom Counter Service”

  1. I didn’t vote, since I haven’t yet been to Columbia Harbor House or Main Street Bakery. I want to try CHH some day, but, like asian food, I’m the only one in my family that eats seafood. I’ve been overruled every time I suggest it. And we’re never near Main Street Bakery when we’re hungry. Again, though, it’s on my list. I do agree with Mark about the options at Cosmic Rays, but the theming of the place does nothing for me. It feels to “cafeteria” to me. My 3 year old like Pinocchio’s because we can watch the boats from it’s a small world. If I were to vote, it’d be for Pecos Bill’s. Less selection than Ray’s, but better theming in my opinion. Oh, and the topping bar. Nothing better than 2 pounds of mushrooms on a 1/4 pound burger!

  2. I like the options at Cosmic Ray’s the most, and that’s what I chose.

    Barry – they do have chicken and some nice salad options at CHH – so don’t let the name fool the family, it really isn’t much of a seafood house, at least when we were there last in January, except for some tuna option and clam chowder. It’s definitely worth checking out even if you don’t eat there. Of all of the choices on the list – I like CHH’s thematic execution the best.

  3. I voted Pecos Bill’s…but after thinking about it…that’s just where I ate what I got at the Outpost.

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