Friday Five – Random References & Reflections

1. The Dragyn’s Lair – Disney superfan Dana writes beautifully detailed reviews and has managed to score some great interviews, including one with Disney Vinylmation artist Jim Valeri that has led to a Vinylmation giveaway.

2. WDW News Today Podcast – Tom Corless, Jason Diffendahl, Banks Lee, Jenni Smith, Anthony Yacullo and crew put together a really professional and entertaining enhanced podcast. I linked to the standard version, but there’s also an Enhanced Podcast for those using an iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad to experience it. The Enhanced feed has images embedded in the podcast stream. They’re currently in the process of counting down the 40 most significant moments in the history of the Walt Disney World Resort, in celebration of WDW’s 40th anniversary this coming October.

3. Thanks to this week’s contributing Dis Dads: DEA on the website and DisDadDoc, Disney Commando, carlnix30, theduck619 and prattpak on the podcast, as well as podcast producer Josh Haas.

4. I had a long, elaborate story I was going to plug in here, about Disney offering me a bunch of money to hand over control of the website to them. Then I remembered that I hate April Fool’s Day.

5. Right now, we’re recording the Dis Dads Podcast on a biweekly schedule. Would people be interested in us adding a once-per-month live show to the mix (assuming the technical details can be worked out)? Let me know what you think in the comments.

2 thoughts to “Friday Five – Random References & Reflections”

  1. Thank you for sparing us an April Fool’s joke!

    Personally, I probably prefer podcasts to a live show. They’re a little more convenient to download and just listen to whenever you have time (typically on the road). I think a live show would be interesting, but it is kind of one of those things I may or may not listen to it based on what is going on. If you wanted to do a live show and post it for download, I’d be all for it and I’d definitely download it. Honestly, if you decide to do a live show, I’d support it and try to listen live, but it would just depend on what’s going on at home.

  2. Aaron,

    Could we do a schedule for the podcast and a live show? Example, get what dads want to either or both and then assign what dates they would participate? I don’t know if this is even possible or not. Making it easier on you was the thought process on that.

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