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Hey guys! I just wanted to draw your attention to a couple of minor updates to the Disdads.com website. The first is the link along the top of the page to DIS Dads Shirts. Our own Emma’s Dad, Don Staten, has arranged for the printing of DIS Dads Club t-shirts at a substantial discount from what Cafe Press/VistaPrint were charging. Follow the link to see the shirt design and to fill out the order form to order shirts, available in a rainbow of colors.

There’s also a new DISDads Resources link over on the right side of the page, for The Dis Dads Commissary. I’ve set up an Amazon-affiliate store, stocked with Disney products. Anything you order there is actually being ordered from Amazon (and if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you get your same Amazon Prime benefits). The prices are identical to what they would be if you ordered directly through Amazon’s website. But I do get a small kickback from Amazon for referring the purchasers to them. I’m not looking to make a bunch of money from the store, just to help defray the costs of site hosting and development. A portion of any earnings will be donated to the Dis Dads charity of choice, Give Kids The World.

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  1. I’ve looked through the Commissary page. I don’t know if you manually have to add items to the list or how it works, but you might want to consider adding books (unofficial guide, etc.) to it. I realize most of us probably do internet based research, but I actually just ordered it this morning from Amazon because my wife wanted something that she could take and read through to pick out restaurants.

    I think it is a great idea to set that up. I realize that it does take funds to make a website work, and if this can offset costs and keep us running, I’ll be more than happy to order things through that link when a need arises.

  2. The Commissary is still (and will probably continue to be) a work in progress. The contents of the store are “hand selected”. I just hadn’t gotten to adding books to the mix yet. I’ll work on that now. 🙂

  3. Update: I’ve added a few more categories of products to the Commissary, including Books, Kindle Books, and Clothing. There’s not much clothing there (adding products one at a time is . . . challenging), but it’s a start. Happy shopping!

  4. I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to rush you into adding a bunch of stuff right away. I just wasn’t sure how it worked and thought that might be something to look into. Thanks for the hard work you’ve been doing around here. The site is looking good!

  5. No worries. I was planning on doing it anyway. I was more commenting on my own disappointment that there wasn’t a better selection of clothing in the store.

  6. Aaron, thanks again for doing all the behind-the-scenes work on hosting and maintaining this site.

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