Monday Poll: What’s your favorite Magic Kingdom ride, and why?

This one was hard to even draft the poll for. There are so many great options! Vote in the poll on the right, and then comment to this post and explain which ride you chose, and why. I’ll hold off on revealing my favorite for a while – you’ll find it later in the comments.

19 thoughts to “Monday Poll: What’s your favorite Magic Kingdom ride, and why?”

  1. AJ’s right – this is a hard one to narrow down.
    Space, Big Thunder and Splash Mountains are certainly top notch thrill rides.
    Dumbo holds a special place in my heart because my kids absolutely love it. I had to downgrade it just a bit, though, because one of my favorite parts of the ride is that it’s right behind the castle – and that’s going to change in the next year or so. I’m sure the Imagineers will give it their best, but I don’t think they’ll be able to capture that same magic in the new location.
    However, in the end I voted for Jungle Cruise. It’s family friendly and the punny humor is right up my alley. And besides, it’s the only place that you see the elusive back side of water!

  2. This is a very hard choice. I’d say it comes down to Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion and Pirates as honorable mention candidates to me… I just love the classics. My number one choice is difficult to decide on but I’m going with Big Thunder Mountain. I love all the classic Disney rides, but this one is special to me because it was the first roller coaster I ever rode. I’ve ridden many since and am now a thrill ride junkie, but BTMR will always hold a special place in my heart. No trip to Disney World is complete without many passes on the wildest ride in the wilderness.

  3. I had to go with Big Thunder Mountain as well, for much the same reason–it’s the first roller coaster I ever rode. Honorable mention for Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear, Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion…

  4. Big Thunder Mountain was almost my pick, as well as Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. But I had to choose Haunted Mansion just because there is so much to see – you have to ride it several times to take it all in. I am looking forward to the new interactive queue, too!

  5. OK, time for me to submit my choice. I had a harder time with this than I expected. My gut reaction was Space Mountain, but my youngest hasn’t ridden it yet, so while it’s one of my daughter’s favorites I don’t know that it can really qualify as my overall favorite. Haunted Mansion was a consideration as well – I love the detail and the re-rideability. But again, the little one won’t ride it yet. The litte one does LOVE “killin’ all the Zurgs,” as he calls Space Ranger Spin.

    But even if we all ride Buzz “together” we ride two and two, so the ultimate winner was Pirates of the Caribbean. Like Haunted Mansion, there’s a lot to take in, which makes for good repeat riding. And the entire family could ride together, which is rare with my ride-averse youngest.

  6. Man this is a very hard choice. Each ride holds some magical moments for my family. However, I would have to say that this past trip was the first year Lauren was able to ride any of the bigger rides. She still can not ride Space Mountain yet, Big Thunder Mountain was the first big ride the 4 of us were able to ride together together. She was so excited to do it and wanted to do it over and over agail. Ethan was easily talked into riding it over and over. Luckily we were there during low crowds and could walk off and right back on. I will nver forget the look on her face and telling us that only Big Girls get to ride the big rides!

  7. For me this is a tough split. My boys and I love the interactive and competitive nature of Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. However, I would have to say the Haunted Mansion is my favorite. I love the rich, detailed theming and the classic nature of the ride. It also has so many things to see that you have a different experience each time. Also it has just the right amount of good natured spookiness!

  8. I had to go with Splash Mountain. It is fabulously themed and very long for a log flume ride. It is the only ride my kids both wanted to go on multiple times in a row. Whenever we went to the MK, it centered around going on Splash Mountain several times. BTMRR would be #2.

  9. Agree with others that this is tough. I went with Small World, but my favorite is the TTA. Other than my first trip, the rest were with little kid(s) and I would take them on there while DW and FIL rode Space Mountain. Made many a lap without having to get off because of a child sleeping on my lap.

  10. Wow, what a tough choice. I like every ride in MK. I ended up choosing Pirates over other favorites such as Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder and Peter Pan. I think I prefer Pirates because of the attention to detail, the transformation of the ride and the nostalgia. The fact that my oldest loves that ride probably also weighs heavily. Plus, how can you not love singing “A Pirate’s Life for Me” the rest of the day?

  11. This was a toughy. I love all the mountains and each has a special place in my heart. I had to go with BTMRR in the end, because the whole family loves it. Also you ride 2 to a row so its like a little mini date, only with more screaming.

  12. Hard to choose just one, but went with Space Mountain for sentimental reasons. When I was like 7 or 8, I was terrified of going on it, my sister, who is 6 years older, told me horror stories about it. Well, I didn’t trust my sister enough to go on it with her, but I didn’t want to look like a chicken in front of my cousins, who were also there with us. So my mom, who is no longer with us, put her safety aside, and offered to ride it with me, she’d never ridden it either, so we were both flying blind. At the time, I didn’t think much of it, but as I got older and learned a little more, I realized the sacrifice that she actually made, only a few months after major surger and suffering from severe heart disease. It’s one of the clearest memories I have of her, I literally remember standing in line, getting in the car, everything.

  13. Had the topic been favortie Magic Kingdom Attraction, I would have voted for (saved for future poll). But since it was limited to rides…I voted for Splash Mountian. This ride is just so cool…the Audio Animatronics…the story…the theming from the entrance thru the queue to the exit. Not to mention it is a very long and enjoyable ride. My #2 would be the Haunted Mansion.

  14. I choose POTC because of the smell. lol Maybe wierd to some but when I smell that smell, I know Im in the happiest place on Earth. I love the ride and all the many things to see. I love pointing out the hidden Mickeys in the ride and the “WE WANTS THE RED HEAD”, becuase my wife is a red head…….this week.

  15. @prattpak Five Minute Magic did a podcast about favorite smells, and POTC made the list.

    My favorite ride at MK is/was Goofy’s Brrnstormer Roller Coaster, for two reasons: 1) It’s a roller coaster (or at least contains roller coaster-like tendencies), that I can 2) Ride with both my children. They love it, and sharing my love of coasters with them is a great experience.

  16. Wow hard to decide.If you put a gun to my head and made me choose,I would have to say.
    Big Thunder Mountain.
    Why ? because like other have said,this is a ride that my whole family enjoys riding together.Out of all the rides my kids like them all.However when we get off off BTM there is just a glow on their faces.The kind of expression that you need not ask them if it was fun,you already know the answer!

  17. Splash Mountain! I remember my first trip to the World, two friends and I rode it during the afternoon parade 4 times and maybe another 6 during spectromagic. I cant get enough of the story on the ride and love diving into the brier patch. Not to mention that the first time my DD rode it (4 at the time) she screamed “Mommy, Daddy, can we ride it again!” POTC is a close second.

  18. Pirates of The Caribbean!!! I literally feel like I am 7 years old again everytime I get on that ride. Plus I love the the slow moving water rides!

  19. Definatly Haunted Mansion or It’s A Small World!
    They are both 2 great classic rides that my family and I all enjoy!

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