DISDads Podcast Episode 2 – Podcasts, MANLAW, 10 Questions and MK Snacks

Host: AJRitz
Panelists: prattpak, BigTex71 and DEA

Episode 2 opens with a discussion of other Disney-focused podcasts that DIS Dads are listening to (how meta of us). Featured podcasts include (most links are iTunes links):
The DIS Unplugged; WDW Today; Be Our Guest Podcast; Beta Mouse; WDW Radio Show; Generation Mouse; Five Minute Magic; WDW News Today; WEDway Radio; inner mouse; Disney Film Project Podcast

Other topics of discussion included a 10 Questions interview with prattpak; MANLAW about being present with your family in the parks (and putting away the electronic devices); a preview of BigTex71’s upcoming adults-only trip to Walt Disney World and quick takes on our favorite Magic Kingdom snacks.

Finally, I’d like to introduce our Podcast producer Josh Haas. In addition to making us sound better than we do in real life, Josh created our new intro music. The podcast was edited and mixed at Pi Productions by A Veil Lifted.

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10 thoughts to “DISDads Podcast Episode 2 – Podcasts, MANLAW, 10 Questions and MK Snacks”

  1. Once again you guys have outdonw yourself. I had to laugh during the 10 question interview with Mark…I was trying to think how I would answer those questions myself…his favorite sound and least favortie sound were the same as mine! LOL I guess great minds DO think alike!

  2. Just getting a chance to listen now. It sounds great! It was great hearing a couple things about Mark. I met him and his family at AK on my last trip. It was great when he showed up for the meet with FP’s for my sons first ride on Everest. Great job by everyone!

  3. Great show guys! Into music is great! I loved the 10 questions and think that it should be a staple for shows to come! It’s nice to get to know more about the guys on the boards. I just wish I had more time to chat over there.

  4. Liked the 10 questions segment. Also liked the music in the background during the show…so used to hearing that during WDW Radio…I almost didn’t notice it…but really nice touch. Sorry I could not be there.

    To work on…
    Aaron…we need to get your mic volume up…and someone’s (?) mic had allot of ambient noise when the person was moving or switching from mute to on.

  5. Thanks for the heads up on your podcast Derrick. That sounds interesting. I’ll have to check it out. 🙂

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